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Blog posted by : Admin / 27 Jan, 2021

The Indian real estate industry has not seen as much of a slump as expected from the lockdown. With the gradual, but consistent recovery of the industry in India; it is quite clear that the industry is looking at a very real comeback. This is the time for the business world to make note of the fact that the real estate industry is still very much alive and is going to have a very real presence in the market.


In this post-COVID era, where the aftereffects of the pandemic are still being felt and the lockdown has still not ended; the landscape of the real estate industry is certainly different from how it used to be. The right time to focus on software for the real estate world is now. There is simply no questioning of the paramount significance that IT solutions hold when it comes to the success of businesses in the 21st century. But it has never been more important than right now, in the aftermath of the pandemic lockdown. The lockdown has caused a shift in consumer behaviour and the way the market itself functions. While some of these changes are temporary, some will leave a permanent impact that will change the industry irreversibly.


One of the most notable impacts to note is the one on the small and medium enterprises in the real estate industry. While the significance of the role of technology was being underestimated until now among SMEs, it is no longer the case. With the shift that the lockdown has caused, the role of technology is now more crucial than ever. Even smaller enterprises are going to have to focus on leveraging technology for competitive advantage as well as operational excellence.


The lockdown has not only highlighted the areas in which technology can help smaller real estate businesses such as agents and brokers but also changed the surface of the industry in such a way that the role of technology has become more indispensable for smaller businesses. real estate SMEs and brokers and agents are now realising that the expectations that customers have from businesses affects the real estate world as well. While real estate SMEs did not bother to invest in IT solutions or their lead management and customer relationship management mechanisms, that is no longer an option. These businesses are now facing a situation that necessitates the use of real estate software solutions.


While software solutions for business management in the 21st century are a dime a dozen, finding the right software for real estate SMEs is a different story. While one might begin their search by seeking out the best CRM software for small business available on the market, it is probably not the best approach. In the hypercompetitive market of the 21st century, one has to consider multiple factors such as the industry, domain, specialisation, etc. The need of the hour in this aftermath of the lockdown is a capable real estate CRM software for small businesses, brokers, and agents. As such, we have created a real estate CRM software for SMEs, agents, and brokers that is tailor-made for their needs.


After serving more than 700 clients with solutions that have successfully helped many businesses to boost productivity and maximise profits, we now introduce a solution crafted specially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our industry experts and domain experts possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of SMEs that has enabled us to develop solutions that address the most pressing problem statements and requirements. Our team understands that in today's fastly evolving business world, problems and needs multiply and evolve every day as well. Accordingly, our team of industry and domain experts work with our innovators and developers to continue adding new and improved functionalities and features that keep up with the ever-increasing and ever-changing needs of the industry.


Our CRM for real estate SMEs is developed to tackle the unique needs and challenges of real estate SMEs. This Real Estate SaaS product is made for SMEs who are looking for a cost-effective solution that can meet all their fundamental business needs. The low investment and absence of any upkeep cost make it ideal for SMEs. 


It is no longer necessary to shell out big money for enjoying technology's gifts such as sales automation, better lead nurturing, complete media integration, AI & ML powered chatbot, E-File management, etc. This solution starts at only Rs. 1499!!!


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