Features to Look for when selecting a GPS Tracking App for your Organization

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Location tracking mobile apps as part of ERP software solutions are completely transforming the way businesses work. Companies can monitor the location and ensure the safety of company assets such as mobile devices, laptops, vehicles, shipping containers and more.


How does a Location Tracking App work?


Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is a radio-navigation system used to geographically locate positions. For any device to be tracked, it needs to have a GPS receiver. Once it receives a signal for location tracking, it calculates the distance through satellites and provides a near-accurate reading.



Industries that use GPS Tracking Apps

Real estate and construction

Passenger transport


Waste management


Financial institutions




Forestry and wildlife


Sports training



Common Uses of the Location Tracking Mobile App by Businesses


GPS tracking app is used in conjunction with mobile devices or vehicles. To begin fleet monitoring activities by employers, employees need to switch on location sharing on their smartphones and the company transport vehicles need to be equipped with a navigation system.



What to Look for when selecting a GPS Tracking App?


The functionalities range beyond just monitoring company assets. Listed below are some of the best location tracking app features to look for to get the best return on investment.


  1. Location monitoring: To share location, employees need to switch on location sharing on their mobile devices. Managers can also check past locations of any employee.

  2. Device tracking: Track multiple devices and vehicles that are equipped with GPS trackers. The locations will always be visible on the location tracking mobile app ensuring that that company fleet stays on the designated routes.

  3. Radius limits: Setting up sign-in and sign-out radius helps ensure that the employee is working in the designated geographical area. Alerts to managers can be programmed to be triggered when a device or vehicle veers off-course.

  4. Cross-platform compatibility: GPS tracking app for Android and iOS devices increases cross-platform functionalities and can be used by almost everybody.

  5. Grouping: Devices or vehicles can be grouped on the app for easy viewing. The location of an entire team can be viewed at once with a single click.

  6. Geofence: Geofencing office premises or project sites enables companies to track the entry and exit times of employees and site workers. Integrated with Human Resources ERP software, it forms a holistic employee performance and management system.

  7. Employee status: Especially applicable for employees working for sales or delivery platforms, the status of the employee can also be displayed along with the location. Anyone checking the GPS tracking app for iPhone and Android, would know whether the employee is busy travelling, in a meeting, or on a break.

  8. Fuel management: The auto-calculation of the daily consumption and fuel expense can be easily added to the app. It helps monitor fuel levels and can also trigger alerts for unusual drop in levels.

  9. Team chat: Incorporating the chat feature helps with quick and easy communication while keeping relevant team members in the loop.

  10. Task management: Many organizations are combining tasks management functions with GPS tracking to increase productivity in real-time.

  11. Panic button: GPS tracking apps also come with an added layer of security for employees. A panic button can be added to send out alerts when the employee thinks they are in danger when travelling out of the office. Useful for security personnel and delivery persons.

  12. Arrival time: GPS tracking along with navigation systems can be used to calculate near-accurate arrival times of salespersons or vendors.


Why are Organizations investing in GPS Tracking App?


Various industries seek out the best location tracking app to cut costs or improve performance. It forms a part of their business strategies to invest in mobile apps and empower their employees. It is mostly employed by businesses that have a workforce that is active in the field or locations other than the office.


How to Leverage GPS Tracking App for Business Success?

The myriad features of GPS tracking app for Android and iOS provides various benefits to organizations.


  • Field staff productivity: By viewing locations of the field staff, managers can save time by scheduling appointments based on the sales or delivery person’s routes. Any last-minute meeting requests can be incorporated easily by routing the field staff closest to the client’s location.

  • Real-time monitoring: It helps save time by reducing unnecessary communication between field staff and managers enquiring about their whereabouts.

  • Supply chain optimization: Planning the shortest routes and monitoring fuel usage to check excessive use can help get more work done and reduce operational costs.

  • Optimize routes: Monitor transportation routes to find the best ones that do not increase travelling time and require less fuel.

  • Timely deliveries: An optimized supply chain, logistics system and accurate location tracking, sales teams are able to meet clients on time, vendors are able to deliver goods on time, and managers can travel between sites with minimum route delays.

  • Save fuel: When combined with fuel management, the GPS tracking app can help figure out which routes consume more fuel and select the shortest routes to cut down on fuel expense.

  • Quick updates: With easy and instant communication with the field staff, supervisors can monitor locations and send messages at the same time, within the app.

  • Trigger alerts: Various trigger-based messages can be added to alert supervisors of any unusual behaviors.

  • Customer satisfaction: A completely streamlined field team including employees, site managers, sales persons, vendors and suppliers ensures timely delivery of goods and services, finally affecting customer expectations. 

  • Cost control: Maximizing field staff productivity and optimizing routes will cut down on operational costs.

  • Theft recovery: As the locations of all the vehicles, trucks and shipping containers are visible on the GPS tracking app, managers can easily detect a vehicle that is going off the designated route. In cases of theft, the location of the stolen vehicle will be visible till the tracker is functioning and plays a vital role in recovery.


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