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We empower companies of all sizes, globally, with technological solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. A great investment opportunity to help fulfill the demand for technological robustness among businesses of all sizes in the private and public domain.

Why Invest in Us?

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, our company employs a diverse workforce of more than 200 employees with 15+ sales and service centers, across 10+ domain verticals. With our various platforms and strategies to expand, we plan to generate more revenue for the company.

  • Product differentiation: Our Low/ No code platforms have been developed by IITians with in-built Artificial Intelligence on an innovative J2FX Framework that automates about 80% of the software development life cycle.

  • Process differentiation: Our web and mobile-based ERP solutions provide digital transformation tools for organizations to provide agility, scalability, and efficiency.

  • Price point differentiation: Keeping the cost of development low, while maintaining industry-standard quality, allows us to price our products and services more affordably.

  • Super niche differentiation: Automation is an indispensable need for organizations that leverage technology to facilitate the generation of revenue while providing the tools to adapt to the changing market. Sine 2005, we are developing industry-specific solutions for clients in 10+ countries, all our feature-rich cloud solutions are customer-driven.

With a strong network of clients, employees, partners and investors, we are building agile and technologically advanced businesses with high growth potential.

Our Future

The roadmap to becoming a truly global brand begins with enhancing our products and services with the technology of the future- Artificial Intelligence. Our proprietary AI-integrated products are designed to take on industry challenges and equip businesses with the tools to be ready for the future.

To achieve our goals, our plans are underway to

  • Increase the average deal size
  • Capture new markets by reaching out to tier 2 and 3 cities
  • Expand our services to new sectors, namely ceramic manufacturing
  • Capture overseas markets, starting with the USA
  • Onboard channel partners to maximize our reach

Discover Why We Would Be a Good Addition to your Investment Portfolio

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Investment Opportunity

As we have successfully done in the past, through venture capital funding, we hope to not only provide a boost to our operations but add more seasoned professionals to our family of investors, who can lend their expertise in guiding our company to achieve its goals.

Experienced Leadership

The company has run successfully under the leadership of Mr. Ashvin Gami (B. Tech, IIT-B) and Mr. Praful Gami (MBA-IT, United Business Institutes, Belgium) since 2005. The automation innovator and the business transformation expert have developed and marketed industry-specific and affordable web and mobile solutions to 10+ countries.

Skilled Team

Our team of highly motivated professionals is driven by the passion to deliver value to customers. Innovation is at the core of what we do. We believe industry-standard affordable software solutions will be necessary to create continuously improving organizations.

Innovative Product

We create business processes that are easier, faster and cheaper. We provide information technology and outsourcing services through business automation solutions, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and advisory services to enterprises in the private and public sectors. Currently, we have a customer base of around 2.5 lakh ERP users and 3 lakh users for our mobile applications.

Huge Market Potential

To get ahead in an increasingly competitive market, every business will need AI automation to adapt to a constantly changing market. What sets us apart is our problem-solving development strategy. Based on the market demand and customer sentiment, our products and services are upgraded to be client-centric and industry-relevant.

We are racing ahead of branded traditional systems in the market owing to our technological breakthroughs, lower costs, sleek UI, multi-platform compatibility and cross-database.

Clean Cap Table

The snapshot of the ownership stake and stock options would reveal about a 90% shareholding with the founders, who have been running the company successfully over the years. The clean capitalization table would surely help you analyze our equity at every stage of growth and make informed decisions.

Low Cash Burn

With a reasonable cash burn rate and the aim of creating a healthy balance from our positive cash flow, you will find our company to be a good addition to your investment portfolio. Since its inception, the business has maintained a stable and sustainable growth rate.

High Conversion Rate

Working off of a sizable customer base in multiple sectors compounded by our constantly evolving sales and marketing strategies, we have a high potential of turning prospects into clients. With a great product-market fit, our industry-specific solutions equip businesses with the tools to be future-ready.

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