StrategicERP is the Software Platform meant for end-to-end process automation, information management. StrategicERP Developed for Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Industry. The product owes its cutting edge to its core technology development team from IITans. StrategicERP’s user interface is completely web-based, Mobile-based application that is far more flexible compared to conventional ERP systems offered by even traditional brands.

StrategicERP is a Team of highly motivated Professionals driven by Passion to deliver Value to the Customers. Innovation is at the core of what we do. We believe that Software Solutions are Necessary but Not Sufficient to create Continuously Improving Organizations. It is in this context, we have become a part of a Consortium of Partners like Value Multiplier Consultancy Services (VMCS) and BOE Consulting (BOEC) with Rich, Wide and Varied Domain and Consulting Experience. We drive the transformation of the Organizations that involves not just Reengineering of Business Processes but the Underlying Human Factors and Behaviours. We have a well-structured Vision and we have the Expertise to translate the Concepts into Significant Business Benefits.

StrategicERP has structured Portfolio of ERP Solutions. StrategicERP currently at about 700+ Customers in Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry Verticals. StrategicERP Products are ground up Web Architected and Developed on an Innovative J2FX Framework that automates about 80% of Software Development Life Cycle. This gives an Unmatched Agility to respond to the Changes in the Business Environment and make the Solutions Future Proof w.r.t. Technology Advancements, Complex Business Rules, Changes in Business Models and Statutory Requirements.

StrategicERP Solutions drive Organizations towards Process Orientation while dismantling Silos based Functional Approach that the Organizations adopt during their early stages of evolution. Process Orientation drives the Organizations towards higher Efficiencies that allow Scalability of Business with an optimum level of Resources. With all the Critical Information being available on a few Clicks, Decision making becomes effective. All these enable Higher Profitability and Rapid Growth.


In today's technological generation, many construction companies are embroiled in managing their complex business process. Therefore we have stepped forward to help the real estate & infrastructure industries to bring their entire business on one single platform, helping them to streamline their complicated operations and delivering outstanding output with the help of StrategicERP software solutions. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in StrategicERP software, we have made it possible for real estate & construction developers to manage their project on the quick voice command basis.

Our ERP software enhanced with Conversational UI/UX, BI Dashboards, Mobile Apps with inbuilt machine learning system, Talk bot, chatbot and mail bot for virtual assistance has given the modern digital way to real estate & infrastructure developers to leverage the time-consuming tasks. With advancement in our ERP technology, we have satisfied more than 700+ customers in real estate & construction domain.

We aim to transform the present working system of today's real estate & infrastructure industry. Because we believe that "the only thing that keeps the real estate industry moving forward is the strong connectivity". Better connectivity among various departments for united access to crucial business information enables everyone in the company to work closely to achieve project target with compliance to maintaining maximum efficiency and profitability. The only way to bring strong connectivity is the ERP technology enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI). And we are the present and next innovators to bring the technological change in the ERP industry, establishing ourselves as the leading helping hand to all our real estate and construction developers.

To achieve the goals, to create the transformational impact, and to provide value to the real estate industry, we require investment.