Infrastructure ERP Basic: Designed And Developed For SME Infrastructure

There are many instances when SME infrastructure developer has to go through a lot of challenges like project management, client management, financial management etc. which cannot be solved by the mere traditional technology. Therefore considering the requirements and challenges in the infrastructure industry, StrategicERP has launched the robust ERP software for Infrastructure Industry i.e. Infrastructure ERP Basic V.19.2 for SME Infrastructure. Infrastructure ERP Basic is web-based and cloud-based Infrastructure ERP software that solves the challenges and bring the productivity in the business.

Infrastructure ERP Basic solves the following challenges of the infrastructure industry.

  • Timely completion of projects.
  • Managing projects within targeted costs.
  • Inventory control.
  • Tender and bid mangement.
  • Site management.

StrategicERP helps business to optimize processes and enhance revenue.

ERP Admin

  • Creates Master setup for companies.
  • Create users and manage password.
  • Define statutory setup for companies.


  • Manages your financial day to day activity.
  • Manages your Chart of Accounts (COA), GL, AP and AR.
  • Generates reports such as Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trail Balance, P & L and Balance Sheet


  • Manages all Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills etc.
  • Manages all Service Order (W.O.), Service Receiving against Service Order and Bills etc.
  • Generates reports such as Stock Report, Purchase Register and Service Register etc.

Project Engineering

  • Plan and control all WBS, Budgets, Progress and Costing Information.
  • Enable visibility into project budgets and forecasts to determine overall Financial health.
  • Generate real time and accurate reports such as Bar Chart, Progress and Project Costing.

Client Management

  • Manage all your project clients, contracts, mobilization amount, Measurement, RA bill and revenue.
  • Generate revenue, simplify your client RA Bill, improve your cash flow, and measure the performance and profitability of your contract projects.
  • Manage and Create RA Bill from detail measurement (JMR) with retention, WCT, Service tax etc.
  • Generate reports such as Proposed Bar Chart, RA Bills, Receivables etc.

To Do Task

  • Create and organize tasks, Assign task, and optimize productivity.
  • Get Notified when task assigned by others.
  • Your tasks are always where you need them- on your phone, table and web browser.

Features & Advantages Of Infrastructure ERP Basic

  • Streamline your business activities and process with ERP for Infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure ERP software helps to monitor the project schedule with the bar chart.
  • Faster sales with system generated a proposal.
  • Monitor cost on the material, labour and equipment.
  • Integrated financial management with all modules.
  • Integrated e-file management with all modules.


Steps For Infra Basic implementation

  • Sharing of import templates for gathering data to map in Infra BASIC
  • Installation & configuration of Infra BASIC product
  • Creation of user permission matrix in Infra BASIC
  • Training session on all Infra BASIC modules
  • Migration of data in Infra BASIC
  • Project “Go Live” documentation (System in END user’s hand)
  • Infra BASIC system reports approval & closing of project.

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