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Maintain A Bird’s-Eye View Over Your Infrastructure Projects

Developed for infrastructure SMEs

Governing and managing infrastructure projects can be quite challenging in today’s fastly-evolving and highly competitive industry. Infrastructure businesses have needs that are unique to the industry and cannot be met by generic solutions. These needs can only be met by software that are specifically designed for the infrastructure industry.

StrategicERP has designed this software specif ically for the Real Estate industry to CRM for Real Estate enables organisations to know their customers better and helps to form new sales strategies accordingly. This B2B CRM software set up on cloud technology with user-f riendly dashboard enables improved analytics and best possible lead conversion rate

StrategicERP’s Infrastructure ERP Software (Basic) helps with the following functions in the construction and infrastructure industry:

Schedule compliance

Budget compliance

Inventory control

Tender & bid management

Site management

ERP for Infrastructure Basic helps businesses to optimise processes and improve profitability.

ERP Admin

  • Creation of Master Setup for the organisatione
  • Creation and management of users and password
  • Defining statutory setup for the organisation


  • Management of day to day financial activity
  • Management of Chart of Accounts (COA), General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Generation of reports such as Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, P&L statement and Balance Sheet


  • Day to Day administration activities
  • Management of all Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills etc.
  • Management of all Service Orders (W.O.), Service Reception against Service Orders and Bills etc.
  • Generation of reports such as Stock Reports, Purchase Register and Service Register etc.

Project Engineering

  • Planning and controlling all WBS, Budgets, Costing and Progress Information
  • Visibility into project budgets and forecasts for the determination of overall Financial health
  • Generation of real-time and accurate reports such as Progress Report and Project Costing

Client Management

  • Management of client records, contracts, mobilisation costs, RA bill and revenue
  • Revenue generation, simplification of client RA Bill, improving cash flow, and measurement of the performance
  • Creation and management of RA Bill from detail measurement (JMR) with retention, WCT, Service tax etc.
  • Generation of reports such as Proposed Bar Chart, RA Bills, Receivables etc.

To-do Task Management

  • Creation, organisation and assignment of tasks for optimised productivity
  • Notifications on task assignments
  • One-click monitoring of tasks

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)
Voice Command Interface
Digital Media Integration
Biometrics (Push Digital Media Integration Data Technology)


Process Optimisation

While seemingly a very simple function, the benefits that Process Optimisation offers are of tremendous value. One of the most important benefits it yields is improved Performance Monitoring and Quality Management. What makes Process Optimisation so crucial is that it offers value to all functions of a business. It boosts the efficiency of any function when executed correctly, and also ensures accountability and more accurate information.

Better Inventory Management

Good Inventory Management goes a long way in ensuring better business performance. Not only does it minimise wastage, but it also boosts productivity. Proper management of inventory improves the efficiency of business operations greatly.

Tender and Bid Management

No matter how great your products and services are, it will of no benefit unless someone buys it. In the Infrastructure Industry, proper Tender and Bid Management decides whether a business is going to make it. Good Tender and Bid Management will ensure that a business will have the best shot at landing contracts.

Cost Optimisation

In an industry such as Infrastructure, Cost Efficiency plays a huge role in the performance of a business. Proper management of costs determines the success or failure of business. Cost Optimisation ensures that costs are minimalised without decreasing the quality of output, thereby yielding better profits

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