5 Automation Trends that will Drive Business in Asia with Automation Examples

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You can outlive your competitors and outshine them by integrating automation technology into your business. It not only offers multiple benefits but helps you stay relevant and agile in the future.


It is no secret that the pandemic year propelled an aggressive digitization of the workplace due to the sudden change in the way everyone was expected to work.



The need to urgently adopt systems that could easily be integrated in order to work remotely, was a challenging task for many companies. It also served as a wake-up call for many.


Do not be caught off-guard with uncertain economic shifts. Be prepared by armoring up with weapons such as business automation software.         



To select an automation software type, you need to be aware of the trending ones that are gaining momentum. Before moving onto the top 5 trends in automation it would be wise to clear your mind of some frequently asked questions.


Can business automation replace humans?


No, it cannot. It enhances process workflows for various departments, which saves time for the team to focus on high-priority tasks.



Why should you pay attention to the latest technology trends?


If you are aware of the technologies that are gaining momentum, then you know their transformative powers.

Your organization needs technology to adapt and build a business that lasts longer than the pandemic.



What do systems of the future need to be?


  • Agile

  • Adaptable

  • Scalable



Listed below are the top 5 trends in business automation that will drive the economy of Asia, supported by automation examples.


1.      Scale up with Hyperautomation


If the previous years were dominated by automation, then the coming years will see companies strive for hyper automation. It is a more advanced version where tasks will be completed faster without any errors or a human to oversee the process.


To achieve hyper automation, it needs to be combined with artificial intelligence to build a suite of software products that can automate as many processes as possible.


You could even go a step further and talk about using AI or ML to automatically scan for processes that would benefit the most with business automation software!



Customer engagement faces the challenge of remaining relevant and connected. An intelligent automation software system that is customer-centric will increase brand loyalty and revenue.



2.      AI and ML- The Technology Powerhouse


The underlying trend that drives all the other trends is artificial intelligence (AI) and its sub-technology of Machine Learning (ML). It finds and applies patterns through repetitive processing of data, which allows the system to be trained to run the way you want it to.



Popularly, AI and ML have been incorporated in navigation systems, content streaming apps, ride sharing apps and most recently to track coronavirus patients.


Customer relationship management (CRM) automation trends have transformed with the integration of AI. In the Asian continent, AI is readily used by many countries to improve customer relationships and increase operational efficiency.


The predictive analysis feature of CRM software provides valuable insights about buying behavior and trends. It aids the company in developing targeted marketing strategies for the current as well as the potential customer base.



3.      The Flip side of Digitization- Cybersecurity


One aspect to keep in mind while building a technology forward generation is the security of all business automation software. As more and more data are fed into the cloud, its confidentiality and security become a concern.


Possible threats include malicious attacks on systems and demanding ransom for confidential data. Artificial intelligence integrated cybersecurity measures will become essential in the future due to its large processing capacity without human intervention.



AI can scan and monitor systems for potential threats in real time. It generates alerts and intelligence reports, identifies new threats and responds instantly.



4.      Voice- The new Digital Assistant  


Business automation software supported by voice is going to be big going forward. Judging by the current trend, voice search has witnessed an exponential rise during the pandemic by users of all age groups.


Owing to its instant accessibility and quick results, voice enabled automation trends will find their place quickly in the business world. 



Natural Language Processing (NLP) can assist in designing voice enabled employee self- service software for the human resources department. An employee can directly speak into the system to know their leave balance, upcoming birthdays, attendance reports and more.



5.      Strategic Automation- AI, ML and IoT


What is the best way to utilize the automotive powers of technology?

Combine them all!

Not only machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things but planning the integration of human resources with it is crucial to optimize results. Strategic automation software takes on a more holistic approach to plan for the future.


Of course, adding more technologies to your business strategy will drive up costs but the return on investment will make it all worthwhile.



Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) add value to a variety of tasks. Most commonly incorporated in supply chain management, they also scan shelves and clean floors.


B2B marketing strategies are one of the many automation examples that could benefit with a collaborative marketing system. Longer sales cycles require a methodological approach for conversions.


Auto-dialing potential leads, reminders to follow up, voice activated commands, data analytics to analyze customer behavior and much more form a collaborative technology to push leads through the sales pipeline.



Top 5 Automation Trends and the Countries they are Thriving in


Many Asian countries have been advancing ahead in the digital era with expertise in specific technologies. Listed below are countries along with the technology that they are becoming known for.


*Digital trends in Asia and the Pacific 2021 Information and communication technology trends and developments in the Asia-Pacific region, 2017-2020, ITU Publications, ^The Complete List of Unicorn Companies, CB Insights

*Digital trends in Asia and the Pacific 2021 Information and communication technology trends and developments in the Asia-Pacific region, 2017-2020, ITU Publications, ^The Complete List of Unicorn Companies, CB Insights

How can Asia lead in Technological Prowess?


To close technology gaps, Asian countries need to continue collaborating to strengthen their position in the world economy. With the rapid growth of industry verticals in the Asia Pacific, the collaborative advantages that automation trends offer are multifold.


Automation software equips your business with the power to change with the changing times and also stay afloat during turbulent times. To dive into the depths of business automation, check out www.strategicerp.com




Glossary of terms:

AI- Artificial Intelligence

ML- Machine Learning

IoT- Internet of Things

B2B- Business to Business

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

Unicorn startup- A private company with a valuation of over $1 billion

NLP- Natural Language Processing


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