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An efficient approach to constructing and managing a smart city brought to you by StrategicERP who have been solving complex challenges of the Real Estate & Construction Industry for more than 16 years.

A Readily Optimized Comprehensive Solution For Smart Urbanization

Smart City is the next step in the evolution of urbanisation. Smart City is the way to go in the quest for evolving into a next-generation City that leverages technology for the ultimate living experience. Infrastructure and Real Estate Developers have a huge role to play in Smart Cities as without the basic structures and facilities, it will be impossible to make any of it possible.

Many Infrastructure and Real Estate developers have recognised this need to create Smart Cities for better and affordable living for the citizens. With more and more Indians desiring to move to cities and areas that are more technologically forward and progressive, there is enormous scope, as well as opportunities for the Real Estate and Infrastructure Industries.It is crucial to recognise and leverage modern methodologies with the help of technology that will help to build Smart Cities that will ensure the best possible living experience.


StrategicERP's Smart City solution is a modular software solution designed to enable Smart City programs to achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability. It leverages the latest technology to take maximum advantage of today's technological advancements and capabilities for efficient operations and enhanced output. Our software provides actionable insights and facilitates the efficient delivery of services with adept management of city assets.

Developed by Bombay IITians

Our software is built on a Proprietary Framework. It is developed by Bombay IITians to understand and cater
specifically to the needs of Real Estate CRM needs.

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)
Voice Command Interface

Digital Media Integration

Biometrics (Push Data Technology)


Leverage Information for maximum benefit

Information in itself is of no value unless it is properly organised so that it can be used to draw benefit from. Our Smart City ERP software processes information and organises it in such a way that it can be used to draw business value from

Personalised Service

A good ERP solution helps you to understand your customer better by analysing consumer data and information. When you have a better understanding of your customer, you will be able to serve them better with services that are aimed exactly at particular/individual customers.


Automation will not only save time and effort spent on menial tasks, but it reduces human error. Automation not only makes business operations more effective but also more efficient. Our solution will help your organisation to move towards digital transformation and engaging daily operations better.

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Our solution is designed to take care of these needs with ease. Our solution has functionalities for handling GST, RERA and other such statutory compliance built into the system, making things easier for you.

Generate Different Types of Forms

Our customer-oriented design and development offers customisation that will give you exactly what you need from the solution.