Smart City ERP: Cloud-based software for smart city management

A smart approach to construct and manage a smart city is brought to you by StrategicERP who have been solving complex challenges of Real Estate & Construction developers for more than 14 years.

Readily optimized comprehensive software solution for smart urbanization:

The concept of a smart city has been evolving ever since the government has taken the initiative to bring the next level of evolution in the urbanization. Many real estate developers have formed an urge to develop smart cities to attract the citizens for better and affordable living. Most of the Indian population will shift to urban areas in Asia and Africa which can imply enormous scope and opportunities to the real estate developers. City leaders need to analyze and leverage the ways to build smart cities with the modern approach of technology. StrategicERP is the modular smart city software solution, integrated with artificial intelligence, helps city leaders to accelerate the progress of their smart city programs, enabling them to achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability. StrategicERP smart city software solution provides actionable insights and offers efficient delivery of services by managing city assets via systems such as solid waste management, health management system, inventory management system, and many more.StrategicERP offers better resource utilization with broader visibility across processes and over the assets.

Smart city software solution features:

  • Waste Management: Smart city ERP platform facilitates the collection of solid waste through sensor fitted waste containers, enabling disposal and tracking of solid waste.
  • Financial Accounting Management System: Smart city ERP software manage finance and accounting with features like auto payment requisition, auto bank BRS(bank reconciliation statement) by uploading the bank statement in ERP, collection of expenditure, preparation of books, and budgeting.
  • HR & Payroll Management: Daily attendance of workers with location tracking, overall recruitment of workers, payroll process with statutory compliance can be managed in smart city ERP software.
  • Healthcare Management: Ai based ERP software for a smart city to access the current medical condition of patients, automation in the analysis of medical tests, assist with medical consultation.
  • Land and Estate Management: Ease and automate processes like land acquisition, rent collection, allotment of property, planning & inspection, bringing agility and transparency. StrategicERP smart city software platform is developed to run fast track development projects with a start to end monitoring and tracking capabilities.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management module enhances the generation of inventory reports, stock ledger, inventory forecasting, tracking of medical, electrical, and general inventory across multiple warehouses.
  • Secretary Management: This module streamlines secretarial practices like preparation of agenda, creation of resolution, setting a reminder for upcoming compliances and minutes of the meeting.
  • Birth and death certificate management: This module in smart city software covers services like automatic generation of issue, re-issue, registration of birth and death certificate.
  • Legal Cases Management: ERP software for smart city takes care of legal cases in an organized manner. It handles and manages the legal affairs & documents in digital forms, providing a handy way to access the information when urgently needed.
  • Fire Protection Management: Smart City ERP keeps track of all your tools on one single software and sends you a reminder for the regular inspection and maintenance of your fire safety equipment. ERP, developed with machine learning technology sends you the early warning in the unfortunate event of a fire.
  • Audit Management: StrategicERP keeps the corporate information of the smart city and generates the auditing reports as and when needed
  • Hawkers & License Management: ERP brings automation in processing of legal license of vendors or hawkers and upgradation of vendor's store. ERP ensures legal recognition of hawkers in a smart city with compliance to the street vendors act.
  • Digital Dashboard: StrategicERP offers a comprehensive software platform for various management centric information such as financial information, secretarial data, auditing reports, inventory reports, the status of internal IT assets, and many more.
  • Web Portal Platform: Smart city ERP software act as a platform for citizens to apply for citizen-centric such as Grievance/Complaint Management, Sanitation related services, Incidence Reporting and many more. StrategicERP software strengthens the mobility and offers services through a mobile app, allowing citizens to avail services anytime, anywhere.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: ERP software keeps track of vehicle condition and carries out the processing of general maintenance and preventive maintenance. Smart city ERP, integrated with vehicle maintenance feature reminds you of replacing the automobile components before they fail.
  • Disaster Management: Smart city software solution helps in faster response and communication to citizens in catastrophic situations like earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc.
  • IT Assets Management: Smart city software facilitates IT inventory management that stores the hardware and software inventory information which enables the management team to make faster decisions about purchase and repairs.

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