Smart City and the importance of Technology and Real Estate & Infrastructure Software in it

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Blog posted by : Admin / 20 Aug, 2020

Smart City technology the next step in the evolution of urbanisation. In the quest for evolving into a next-generation City that leverages technology for the ultimate living experience, Smart City is the direction to head in.


It's no secret that as the planet is developing further and creating more and more advanced technologies, we are also running short on resources. Deforestation presents a catastrophic threat to the planet, and yet it seems to be a necessary option as the human race runs short of space for the need of housing for the ever-growing population. The world is in a great fix with regards to creating efficient housing and also avoid destroying the ecosystem, and this is possible only with creative housing solutions that make maximum use of the spatial resources available. There are innumerable factors in play when it comes to Smart Cities such as finding the investors, affordable and skilled labour force, experts in various fields, and specialists of various technologies. But one factor that something can be done about and has a huge bearing on the success of a smart city is its IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure can be the difference between the success and failure of a Smart City.


Attracting the needed experts, specialists, and investors depends largely on the image of the smart city. Resources will be attracted to the city only if it has the best of technology empowering the smart city. This means that Smart Cities need to be equipped with the best IT solutions leveraging the latest technology.


Below are a few of the numerous reasons Smart City IT solutions are important:




Automation is not only one of the most advanced technologies of the day, but it is also one of the technologies that offer the most value. It doesn't only save time and effort spent on menial tasks, but it reduces human error. When governing a city, operations are on a massive scale, which means not only does it require a great deal of manpower, time and other resources; but it also leads to a far bigger amount of human error. Automation has been used in real estate to make its business operations more effective and efficient. Smart City solutions will be a key factor in achieving process excellence.


Big Data & Information Analytics


Governing a city will involve dealing with an enormous amount of data. Managing such enormous amounts of data effectively is not possible without good Big Data technology. For a Smart City to live up to its name, it needs to leverage data and information well and draw great value from it. Information in itself is of no value unless it is properly organised so that it can be used to draw benefit from. Smart Cities need to be equipped with advanced Information Analytics technology to leverage data for providing better service to its citizens and making life better.


Waste Management


Waste Management is a huge part of better urban infrastructure. There have been tremendous advancements in recent times in the field of waste management. Maintaining environmental responsibility and ensuring ecological sustainability is becoming more and more important with every passing day. This can only be achieved with the help of advanced technology. The collection of solid waste through sensor fitted waste containers, enabling their organised sorting and disposal, and facilitating recycling is far more efficient with Smart technologies.


Financial Management


Proficient management of the finances of the city is crucial. No matter how well everything else is done, if the finances are mismanaged, it could alone lead to bankruptcy. Automating operations in financial management system will reduce human error, save time, save stationery resources, and reduce labour. Improved accuracy and faster operations will result in greater efficiency. Smart and advanced technologies such as powerful big data & analytics enable improved decision making and forecasting resulting in better financial performance.


Documentation Management


Governing a city includes managing the documentation of relating to not only the operations of the city but also of all of its citizens. This comprises of a wide range of innumerable things such as legal documentation, educational records, marital records, driving licenses, trading licenses, real estate licenses, and city services documentation. All of this amounts to an enormous volume of paperwork and records to manage and leverage productively. With latest technology, not only can human error be reduced while saving tremendous time, but it can also save valuable and expensive space used in the storage of files and paperwork.


Infrastructure and Real Estate Developers have a huge role to play in Smart City solutions as without the basic structures and facilities, none of it can be made possible.


Many Infrastructure and Real Estate developers have recognised this need to create Smart Cities for better and affordable living for the citizens. With more and more citizens desiring to move to cities and areas that are more technologically forward and progressive, there is enormous scope as well as opportunities for the Real Estate and Infrastructure Industries. 


It is crucial to recognise and leverage modern methodologies with the help of technology and advanced Real Estate software that will help to build Smart Cities and ensure the best possible living experience.


We invite you to take a look at our Smart City Solution that is designed specifically for this purpose. StrategicERP's Smart City solution is a modular software solution designed to enable Smart City programs to achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability. It incorporates the value that our Real Estate ERP, Construction ERP, Infrastructure ERP, and B2B CRM software have to offer.  It leverages the latest technology to take maximum advantage of today's technological advancements and capabilities for efficient operations and enhanced output. Our software provides actionable insights and facilitates the efficient delivery of services with adept management of city assets.


We hope we have been able to provide you with a better perspective on the importance of Smart City IT solutions.

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