5 Ways Automating the Sales Process Will Help Grow Your Business

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Blog posted by : Admin / 06 Nov, 2019

What is Sales Automation?


Sales automation is the process of making cumbersome sales support tasks to be carried out by technology independent of constant human input. This includes the use of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), chatbots and more to improve functions further. A few such common tasks that are usually automated are e-mail reminders, inventory control, legal documentation, contract standardization, pricing, etc. It assists managing or owning duties that sales reps and administrators carry out on a regular basis.


CRM Sales Automation


Undoubtedly, sales automation comes with a world of benefits. But, some organizations are still not sold on the idea of adopting it, especially if they lack the budget to hire a dedicated team. Here are 5 ways sales automation can help your business in generating leads and boosting revenue:


1. Automated Lead Distribution:


A lead distribution Software enables a company to assign its leads to its sales team efficiently. A company may have several sources from which leads are being captured. It could be through website, Chatbot, phone, social media, events, partner websites, e-mails, inbound phone calls, or many different sources. The system should be able to capture all of these leads without any leakage.


Once the leads get captured, the CRM should then review the quality of the lead. If the lead meets the requirements for a good lead (as defined by the company), then it will be listed as high-quality and high-priority, and a high lead score will be automatically distributed.


2. Get the Phase 1 right:


The long journey of a sale that includes interest, deliberation, decision, and purchase would not start without product awareness. This is the foundation without which everything would crumble. If you are unable to build proper awareness, no one will be fishing in your pond.


This is where Sales automation is a necessity for businesses. The use of latest technologies such as AI (Artificial intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) it gets much easier to send bulk leads to their sales funnel. This would be inefficient for humans to deliver on such a scale.


A sales automation tool that tracks and categorizes leads upon entering the system will assign them to relevant campaigns, based on demographics and behaviour. Sales automation enables better lead management and better customer loyalty.


3. Smart Chatbots:


A lot of businesses are adopting artificial intelligence to manage customer management and other tasks. You may have even been chatting to bots without recognizing it as they can be challenging to separate from a human.


Chatbots will have an engaging conversation with your clients and can also incorporate humour. They can answer up to 80% of customer questions instantly. Intelligent Chatbots will make sales support and lead qualification simplified. Enhancing user experience with natural bots that are available around the clock for any queries is also extremely beneficiary. This makes Chatbots a considerable asset for a business.


One of the biggest advantages of a chatbot is that you never have to worry about a chatbot being in a bad mood like a human. They will not lose their temper or carry a bad attitude. This will be a significant advantage to customer service.


4. Automated Reporting:


CRM Reporting & Analytics module is a robust business intelligence tool that helps in examining sales performance. The report engine is flexible, dynamic & easy to use so that one can get customized reports as required.


Sales managers can also set up for automated reports with information and analytics regarding their sales process. They can also get a full view of pending follow-ups, number of calls made, sales forecasts, and pipeline status reports.


The ability to create customised reports with personally set parameters will be invaluable to any business.


5. Organize Sales Teams:


Sales automation will facilitate real-time customer data, sales values, client complaints, and sales reps actions & activities. This will be monumental in planning and implementing sales activities. Management will be empowered to make swift decisions based on real-time and in-depth data. Through automation, the sales team can use a centralized system for a one window solution with complete visibility.


CRM will help sales personnel to optimize their daily plans and prioritize responsibilities to make sure customers are contacted at the right time. CRM allows sales personnel to spend more time with customers, leading to better lead closure rate and better customer relations.


While Artificial intelligence & other technologies apply in many areas. The use of these technologies in sales automation produces a considerable advantage in the sales process. B2B CRM Software will optimize the utility and operations of any sales team, and will help them to outshine in 5 very important areas:


  • More salutary search, sort, and qualify leads


  • Better lead conversion with AI-based sales bots 


  • Better follow-up of sales opportunities


  • Analytics powered follow up decisions


  • Better sales resource deployment

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