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    Power of Technology Developed By IITians
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    Real Estate ERP
    Build Your Dream Project And Empower Your Organization
    With User-Friendly Cloud ERP Technology
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    Infrastructure ERP
    Now Manage And Ease Your Infrastructure Project
    With The More Accuracy And Predictability
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    Manufacturing ERP
    Streamline The Most Complex Operational
    Functionalities In Your Manufacturing Process
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    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence In ERP, Speaks Human Language
    And Gives What You Want At One Voice Of A Command.
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    Construction ERP
    Develop Wider Visibility Over Your Construction
          Project in ERP software, enhanced with the
                         user-friendly experience

The Fastest way to grow your business with the leader in ERP Check out our features included.

StrategicERP For HCM Real Estate CRM

StrategicERP is the Software Platform for Start-to-end process automation, information management system customized for Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Industry. The product owes its cutting edge to its core technology development team from IIT.

Specialised ERP Software For Real Estate And
Construction Industry

The Complete Management of Your Project Made Easy With StrategicERP

StrategicERP, the proficient ERP for real estate and construction industry, take care of the whole project and provide you with the start to end construction ERP software solution. Right from keeping the accurate control over your cost and schedule of your projects to streamlining business data visibility across each department, StrategicERP is there to serve you with the right information so that you can take the real-time decision. ERP for real estate developers is developed and designed to streamline the complex business functionality in your business. StrategicERP has developed ERP for Construction Industry & Infrastructure which works user-friendly across each department, giving what everyone wants within a short span of time.

Construction ERP software, developed with artificial intelligence, helps a lot in planning the daily business activities right from setting reminders to presenting the crucial information in the meeting. Artificial intelligence in ERP for construction works user-friendly to the voice commands and gives the accurate results as per the accurate commands.