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Our Industry Solutions

StrategicERP IT solutions are developed to provide end-to-end process automation and an information management system with tremendous customisation. Our cutting edge real estate and construction ERP software product is the brain-child of the core technology development team from IIT. Technology is the greatest weapon of the 21st century, and we help you wield it proficiently.

Real Estate ERP

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Smart City ERP

Construction ERP

  • EPC Contractors
  • MEP Contractors
  • Civil Contractors
  • Turnkey Projects

Infrastructure ERP

  • Road Projects
  • Railway Projects
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Power Projects

Manufacturing ERP

  • Ceramic Manufacturing
  • Brick Manufacturing
Plan, Automate and Succeed With Our Construction ERP
Our Specialization

Specialized ERP Software for Real Estate & Construction Industries

StrategicERP, the quintessential ERP software for the Real Estate and Construction Industry facilitates complete project lifecycle management and provides an ERP solution that is tailor-made for the construction industry. StrategicERP provides real-time information empowering Real Estate and Construction businesses to make informed and effective decisions about crucial business functions. The real-time analytics pushed out of our Real Estate ERP will deliver cost optimization Re-opened and process excellence. Our ERP Real Estate Software is developed and designed to streamline complex business functions. StrategicERP’s Construction software and Infrastructure ERP with a user-friendly interface gives you a panoramic picture of your project at all times.

Developed with artificial intelligence, Construction ERP software helps plan daily business activities. It intuitively sets reminders and offers relevant information for meetings to make your life easier. Artificial intelligence in Construction & Infrastructure ERP is user-friendly and responds to voice commands enabling you to take care of business as you go about your day.

Software for SMEs needs to be developed following the needs of SMEs which are different from those of big enterprises. At StrategicERP, we do this with our extensive experience in the industry and domain expertise. Similarly, we understand the unique software needs of the Manufacturing industry and develop Manufacturing software that maximizes productivity.

Construction ERP software, developed with artificial intelligence, helps immensely in planning daily business activities, right from setting reminders to presenting crucial information in meetings. Artificial intelligence in Infrastructure and Construction Software enhances user-friendliness through voice commands and gives accurate results based on relevant commands.

Salient Features of Our Products

Developed with Artificial
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in planning your day, and let it help you set up meetings and furnish you with crucial information for meetings.

Transformed in Cloud
Never miss a beat with our Cloud-based ERP solution. Cloud ERP will enable you to connect to your system anytime on the go.

Mobile-Friendly Experience
StrategicERP aims to provide a smooth experience to its customers across platforms. Our Construction ERP software is optimized for a mobile-friendly experience, ensuring a pleasant experience on the go.

Absolute Customization and Unmatched Services

We, at StrategicERP, understand that every business is unique, and so are their needs. Hence, our solutions are developed to be customized as per your needs. Our team strives to understand the requirements of our clients and works hard to provide real estate, infrastructure and construction software solutions that cater to their needs. Our prime objective is to provide top-notch service to customers. Our service to our customers spans from consultation to successful implementation by giving them the utmost attention through the process and tending to all their needs.

Rise Above Your Competitors

Complete Digital Media Integration

In today's business world, Digital Media is one of the biggest determinators of success. Our solutions offer complete digital media integration for your business to leverage digital media to maximum capacity.


Business Process Automation is one of the most revolutionary technologies. By automating routine tasks, we help you save time, labor, and reduce human error.

Personalized Service

We help you to understand your customer better by analyzing consumer data and information. With a better understanding of your customer, you will be able to serve them better with services aimed exactly at particular/individual customers.


Client Testimonials

We help you better understand your customer by analyzing consumer data and information. With a better understanding of your customers, you will be able to serve them better with services aimed exactly at particular/individual customers.


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Awards and Accolades

Since 2005, StrategicERP has won many awards and accolades for most business verticals. However, according to us these are only some of our most important rewards and an acknowledgement of our services. For us, it is the smile of gratitude from a customer or client that gives us immense pleasure and a reason to outperform ourselves and continue upgrading our real estate, infrastructure and construction ERP software

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We craft sophisticated IT solutions embedded with advanced technologies, empowering construction businesses with user-friendly ERP software for the construction industry. By harnessing the best ERP software for the construction industry, you get solutions incorporated with the latest core technologies—ranging from AI, Cloud Technology, Business Process Automation, Biometrics Integration, and Voice Command Interface, to Complete Digital Media Integration. Apart from the branded traditional systems in the construction industry, our technological breakthroughs make us the best ERP software for the construction industry with lower costs, sleek UI, multi-platform compatibility and cross-database.

With construction industry-specific expertise, our best ERP software for the construction industry offers affordable web and mobile-based solutions in 10+ countries also positioning ourselves as the best ERP software for the construction industry in international markets like USA and Dubai.

StrategicERP boasts a range of unique selling propositions that set it apart in the market:

  • Developed by Bombay IITians in 2005, and has over 1000 esteemed customers globally
  • Offering both IOS and Android mobile apps with customization options tailored to the ERP field
  • Comes with inbuilt artificial intelligence (machine learning), to stay at the forefront of technological innovation
  • Offers custom workflow permissions, accommodating unique client requirements and preferences.
  • Tailored Customization for the creation of custom fields and reports as needed by IT/Admin personnel
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and ISO certification ensure data integrity
We take pride in declaring that our Construction ERP software boasts the fastest implementation process globally. Recognized as the Best ERP for construction companies, our solution ensures a 100 percent go-live in just one month, solidifying our position as the Best ERP software in the construction industry in India.
Our web-based Construction ERP software, recognized as the Best ERP for construction companies, ensures seamless operations for real estate and construction businesses. We take pride in delivering on-time, on-target support to our clients, transcending geographical constraints. Regardless of where their branches or offices are located, our Best ERP software in the construction industry in India guarantees consistent and reliable assistance. Moreover, our consultants possess the capability to connect to your server in real-time, solidifying our position as the top ERP for construction management.
Our Construction ERP software is developed on the cutting-edge J2FX platform operating on JAVA and stands as the Best ERP for construction companies. Leveraging J2Fx technology ensures not only faster programming but also enhances the robustness and reliability of the application development process. As the Best ERP software in the construction industry in India, this platform offers versatility with its platform-independent applications, seamlessly functioning on Linux, MAC, Windows, and more. Whether on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, or PCs, our ERP for construction companies in India provides a flexible and efficient solution.
Absolutely! Within our comprehensive Construction ERP software, recognized as the Best ERP for construction companies, we offer a suite of applications such as CRM, PPM, ESS, Customer App, Partner App, Facility App, and Locacart. This robust array of applications empowers you to efficiently save time and seamlessly manage your construction projects on-site. This integrated system heralded as the Best ERP software in the construction industry in India, facilitates hassle-free portfolio management. Moreover, you can monitor project performance effortlessly, ensuring regular updates on all aspects of your projects.
Yes! Our Construction ERP software, renowned as the Best ERP for construction companies, boasts a distinctive feature - Tally Integration. This exceptional capability seamlessly merges accounting data within the organizational system. Recognized as the Best ERP software in the construction industry in India, this integration empowers organizations with greater control over financial information. Furthermore, it enhances data analysis capabilities and facilitates seamless integration with other systems. This, in turn, results in elevated decision-making processes and heightened operational efficiency, solidifying our standing as the best for construction management in India.

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