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Access your Project Management system anytime, anywhere with a mobile device. Being on the move does not have to be an obstacle to keeping an eye on your projects.

Easy Sharing

Track project progress with a single click. No need to go through needless and multiple steps to track project progress anymore.

Free Storage

Never worry about security with our robust app equipped with dependable security. Put your mind at ease with SSO and OTP-enabled security.

Paperless Records

Paperwork is a thing of the past with the ushering of the digital age. With our app, you will no longer have to deal with cumbersome paperwork and save time and effort with digital records.


  • Minimise human error
  • Saves time and effort

Portfolio Management

Keep track of your project portfolio by monitoring your project pipeline efficiently. Keep track of schedule variance and cost variance for better managing your project portfolio.


  • Monitor Project Progress
  • Daily Progress Reports

Visual Representation for Monitoring Project Performance

Proper tracking of progress, issues, risks, and keen surveillance of the functionings will help to ensure that business goals are met efficiently.


  • Gantt Chart
  • Dashboards

Advanced Feature

Quick Access

Mailer Engine

Mailer Engine

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