The Power Of Agile Software Development with Rapid Application Development

In today's highly competitive business world, beating to the punch is crucial. But it cannot be done at the expense of effectiveness, excellence, and efficiency. This means that 21st Century businesses have to develop software with methodologies that can make the magic happen in the least amount of time and do so with accuracy and excellence.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a tried and tested methodology that provides swift development and quality results. It is a form of Agile Software Development Methodology that is sure to provide better results compared to other software development methodologies. This methodology is designed to make the most of the software development process. While the primary objective of this methodology is to accelerate the software development process, it does so without compromising on effectiveness and excellence.

This model should be used for a system with known requirements and is on a short deadline. It is highly advantageous for projects where requirements can be modularized and reusable components can be made available for development purposes. The model is also great for projects where pre-existing system components can be used in developing a new system with minimal changes. Domain experts are crucial for the success of this model. This is because the effectiveness of this model relies on relevant knowledge and expertise. This is a model that should be chosen when the budget permits the use of automated tools and techniques required.

RAD can be used effectively if the project can be broken down into small modules wherein each module can be assigned independently to separate teams. These modules can later be combined to form the final product. This makes it easy to achieve intended goals in the software development process as it allows a more efficient structure. active user participation in the development process.

Salient Features of Rapid Application Development:

  • Swift iterations for reduced development time and faster delivery
  • Promoting code reuse, thereby facilitating lesser manual coding, reduced room for errors, and shorter testing times
  • Enhanced flexibility and adaptability, as developers can make adjustments swiftly in the course of the development process
  • Better collaboration between the developers, end-users, and clients ensures a product with high customer satisfaction
  • RAD facilitates integrations early on and efficiently, which ensures the least amount of unaddressed issues

A successful fruit born from RAD: Lokacart

Lokacart was created as a result of an initiative where a team of researchers and entrepreneurs came together for a project that would benefit society. The team consisted of Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan from the Department of CSE at IIT Bombay; Mr. Ashvin Gami, MD at StrategicERP and Mr. Vikram Bansal from Lokavidya Technologies, alumni of IIT Bombay; Prof. Narendra Shah from the Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas.

StrategicERP provided its expertise in software development and fast-tracked the process through RAD.

Lokacart was designed to be a platform for empowering Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to achieve better performance in their e-commerce, inventory management and billing operations. An increasing number of hardworking farmers as well as MSMEs are being deprived of their fair share of the money due to several reasons. By making apps that directly connect the MSMEs as well as farmers to the consumers, the sellers are better assured of getting their just reward. Especially in times such as today's, when the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down markets, the Lokacart platform is helping farmers to reach out to the proper customers, as well as the customers to reach out to the farmers who can fulfill their needs.

Lokacart is helping over 50 sellers and around 5,000 buyers.