Optimize Sales Team Performance

Our Real Estate CRM App is packed with industry-specific features that will help streamline pipeline management and customer engagement to drive more sales.

Robust Integration

Create a unified system with web CRM, property portals, WhatsApp, GPS tracking, biometrics, and more!

Graphical Dashboard

Graphical dashboard for unit sales provides a snapshot of the unit status with relevant details

AI Analytics

Get instant business insights with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-powered data analytics

Projects Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with new projects. Check upcoming project launches and their relevant information on the mobile app dashboard. Stay informed while on the move!

Pipeline Visibility

View the status of the sales pipeline categorized by either tele-calling or salespersons. The lead summaries provide a snapshot of the number of deals in progress and closed.

Instant Personalized Responses

Reach out to your prospects instantly. Capture and view enquiry details on your phone, based on various types of sources, budgets and other parameters.

Unit Cost Estimation

The app calculator lets you auto-calculate the cost of units based on the enquirer’s preferences. Never miss an opportunity to close a deal, no matter where you are!

Graphical Sales Chart

Get an instant overview of the status of all units of a project or sub-project. The visually represented unit data helps representatives respond faster with accurate information. Click on individual units for more unit data such as the area and unit type.

Real Estate Lead Management App

Enhance your relationship with prospective clients by checking the follow-up information on the app before calling. The lead management follow-up form records information about call-back parameters as well as the status of the lead.

Best CRM App for Real Estate

Our user-friendly mobile app not only helps have instant access to information but also helps the sales team process information faster. The Real Estate CRM app provides a seamless experience with relevant insights, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

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