Facility Management App

Simple and hassle-free way to manage services and maintain residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Optimize client management, service booking, payments and maintenance through Facility Management Application.

Maximize Return on Properties

The Facilities Maintenance App empowers facility managers with a flexible solution to help cut down on unnecessary
maintenance costs and deliver seamless services for any property.

Robust Integration

Create a unified Facility Management System through seamless integrations with biometrics, IoT, GPS, Tally and more!


Streamlining collaboration and task management helps control costs and optimize space utilization, leading to tenant/ client satisfaction.

Facility Managers

Can manage office buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, parking lots, stores, malls, vacation homes, and other large spaces.

Customizable Dashboard

Stay informed on the go with the facilities management dashboard where you can view all your pending payments and issues, including pending and overdue ones too.

Chart Filters

The Facility Maintenance App helps managers stay connected round the clock. A quick view of the dashboard apprises them of the current status of various tasks. To ensure hassle-free delivery of services, chart filters can be used to customize dashboard data and display relevant information.

Issue Management

Create records for new issues based on the project and facility. Users can add images, set priority levels and mention technician ID along with the issue description. It helps redress complaints at the right time.

Service Calendar

The Facilities Management App’s service calendar provides an overview of the available and booked facilities for various projects, making it easier to keep track of the use of facilities.

Facility Booking

Users can easily reserve their spots for a facility or a service after viewing the available and booked time slots. The purpose also needs to be mentioned at the time of booking to keep track of facility reservations.

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Best Facility Management App

Keep your facilities functioning optimally and overcome challenges easily with the Facility Management App. It provides real-time insights on assets, resources, Service Level Agreements, key contacts, maintenance plans, contractors/ vendors, staff attendance, payments, assigned tasks and issues.

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