In the light of GST, is your infrastructure ERP compatible

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Blog posted by : Admin / 18 Sep, 2017

Yes, the long awaited Goods and Service Tax GST is in full swing now. After two months, several doubts and confusions about GST have vanished. People realize  its importance and criticality now.

There are teething troubles, but it is a fact, that these hurdles will be overcome and the implementation will be successful.

Do you own an infrastructure business? Do you use Infrastructure ERP software? If yes, then is it GST ready? Ideally, you should have been aware of it a few months ago when the implementation date was announced.

Nevertheless, even if you didn’t do it that time, it is high time to do it now at least. If you have not received any intimation from the Infrastructure ERP solution provider so far, then it is your responsibility to ask proactively.

Since there is a massive change in the working method, you have to be proactive and alert. Experts say that after the initial troubles, the business graph will touch unprecedented heights. In that situation, you will have to rely more on automated business processes.

How does ERP-ready ERP solution help?

When you implement flexible and versatile ERP software for Infrastructure in your organization, it matches the business processes of different industrial verticals. It integrates the new taxation methods and rules in the system.

The configuration of new GST rules is a little bit lengthy but not very complex. Since you get rid of the hassles of configuring a long array of taxes into one, consolidated tax system, operational efficiency will enhance remarkably.

Thus, you get a reliable and safe solution that can be implemented within no time.

Your ERP should be ready for the change

As described earlier, your Infrastructure ERP System should be ready with the GST configuration so that you implement it smoothly.

In a typical infrastructure business, procurement of materials, supply chain module, sales module and financial management are the areas where GST puts the maximum effect.

You should call the service provider to know further about it. Since improper configuration may lead to incorrect GST calculation and penalties, it is better to be cautious than being casual.

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