Improve Your Attendance Management with Location Based Sign in/Out In ERP

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Blog posted by : Admin / 28 Dec, 2018

In your business, Have you ever got confused while measuring the accurate ROI of your employees? Have you ever got confused while measuring employee performance? Have you been able to calculate the salary of employees with accuracy? If you have gone through such time-consuming scenarios, then you must find a way to get out of it. Because of all these factors depend on employees attendance reports. Therefore it is very crucial for you to keep the accurate track over employees in terms of attendance and the actual working hours.

And the only way to revamp the attendance functionality is to use a Human capital management software, integrated with Location Restriction feature

Valuable benefits which you can gain from LR feature in ERP software


1. Modernized Attendance Process:

Location Restriction feature in HCM software enables you to add a location constraint for a particular employee or all employees. LC feature restricts the employees to sign in and sign out of the set location within the set radius. A user will be allowed to sign in and sign out only if he/she is present in the set area. If a user tries to sign in or sign out of the expected area, he/she won't be able to proceed further due to the active location constraint in HR & Payroll software. A manager can generate the attendance reports at one click of a button in his/her HCM software. Such streamlined attendance process helps you to keep track over all the employees. You can set multiple sign-in locations for employees, working in different projects, to keep track over them and ensure their presence within the working territory of the company.

2. Improved Accuracy:

HR department often has to record the daily attendance record in their system. The job always starts with analyzing the total sign-ins of the day and then crosschecking the sign-ins with an actual number of employees present in the organization. In this way, the job of the HR department becomes hectic. With Location Constraint feature, integrated into human capital management Software, the HR department only need to analyze the sign-ins and sign-outs of the day. The accuracy of the HR department to record daily attendance improves automatically with the help of HR & Payroll software which on other hands also helps you to manage discipline in the company

3. Tracking Employee Performance:

Management has to track the employee performance monthly to conclude the ROI from each employee in terms of output. But without knowing the actual working hours of employees, your management can make mistake in determining the ROI of a particular employee. With location constraint feature active in your human resource management software, the actual working hours are recorded accurately. It helps management to evaluate employee performance and improve the same with new practices or proper training.


In conclusion, human resource management software with a location constraint feature, prevent management from falling into confusion related to employee attendance and employee performance.

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