How ERP Software Can Help You Streamline Your Construction Project

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Blog posted by : Admin / 26 Jun, 2018

As a top manager of a construction company, do you ever feel that the departments in your company are working in silos? Have you ever asked for a report and waited for hours for the concerned data to reach your desk? And even when it does, is the data full of inaccuracies and errors? If your answers to the above questions are affirmative, then it’s about time that your construction company broke the shackles of legacy systems. In today’s fiercely competitive business scenario, it’s imperative that your company took the leap and adopted a construction ERP solution. Many construction majors that have already gone ahead with ERP software implementation constantly emphasize how the solution has empowered their business.

Take a look at this comprehensive list to understand how ERP software can help you streamline your construction project:

1. Single platform, Single source of data: As an ERP solution includes multiple modules that link departmental data, it serves as a single platform for managing data across departments. Bid goodbye to manual data entry and separate systems for various departments. With ERP, you have all the data across departments available at the single click of the button. For instance, the HR and accounts department can see in real-time at any point of the day, labour attendance, allocation and productivity, without an Excel sheet being shared by the project manager. This not only makes the system more efficient due to improved data quality, but also increases productivity on account of enhanced interdepartmental collaboration.

2. Anywhere, Anytime Access: With a construction ERP system, an employee no longer needs to be in the office to access relevant and important business data. The data is now available anytime, anywhere on-the-go. For instance, a construction engineer can view all the information regarding labour, materials and equipment right from the building site. A top-level executive no longer needs to ask for a compiled report from individual departments. All he needs to do is log in on to the ERP system and he can instantly access all the crucial data, even while he is on the move. A great advantage that comes with a construction ERP solution is increased data security. Although the data is available anywhere, you can easily control which users have to access to what type of information. This ensures that only the right people are able to access the right information at the right time.

3. 360 degree visibility: Typically, tracking the productivity and efficiency of departments and employees has been a problem area for construction businesses. Any lag from any department results in ripple effect and in turn leads to significant delays in project completion. With a construction ERP software, you can have full visibility into the project’s progress at every stage right from department to individual level. As you can minutely monitor the performance, it gives an overall boost to the productivity of the organization. Apart from this, centralized information in ERP allows you to efficiently track costs. You can easily track estimated costs, actual costs and budgeted costs in one core system. This enables you to take immediate corrective actions in case of any deviation.

4. Adhering to regulatory requirements: Meeting ever-evolving regulatory requirements is one the key challenges of the construction businesses. In absence of ERP, collating and producing business information for regulatory bodies is a time consuming task. With an ERP system in place, you have the advantage of validated data coupled with built-in reports, which helps you significantly save the time and efforts spent in ensuring compliance.

These are just the four of many business benefits that you will observe with ERP software implementation. In fact, ERP software will transform your each and every business process leading to standardization and improved synergies across organization. The key is to select the best ERP solution for construction business. Make sure that you choose a provider that has a strong leadership team and is tech-savvy enough to evolve the product to keep up with the advances in technology.

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