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Property Management System StrategicERP

StrategicERP is a Software Platform for start-to-end process automation and information management system customized for the Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Industries. The product owes to its cutting edge core technology development team from IIT. StrategicERP user interface is a completely Cloud-based, LAN supported & Mobile-based application that is far more flexible compared to conventional ERP systems offered by branded players.

Property Management

StrategicERP Solution for property management is not only an easy but powerful ERP System to manage numerous sorts of property investments like residential properties, labor camps, and warehouses.

Our property management solution frees you from the executive labor related to property rentals & sales by complete method automation. simply manage StrategicERP's, instantly answer client queries & complaints, coordinate property maintenance activities and find vacancy reports with StrategicERP Property Management/Property Management package.

Streamline your property management operations with StrategicERP extremely practical property management package today!

  • Prospect tracking and traffic analysis.
  • Flexible tenant billing options.
  • Diversified collection management.
  • Compliance with real estate governing agencies.
  • Lease renewal and vacancy management reporting.
  • Automated late and NSF Check processing.
  • Work orders.
  • Fully automated escalations and recoveries.
  • User definable and programmable lease abstracts.
  • Utility billing.
  • Tenant service billing.
  • Property and tenant reminder system.
  • Integration with industry-leading financial modeling software.
  • Low Cost & Simple Licensing.
  • Unlimited users license model.
  • Eliminate costs & Inefficiencies.
  • Tally Integration.
  • User-friendly with easy operation Installation.
  • Simple setup/configuration & upgrade process.
  • Easy Data Import facility.
  • Export and Analysis Facility.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Comprehensive in its scope.
  • Secure & Incredibly Robust.

Facility Management

Building owners, service providers, facility managers, and tenants all have a vested interest in operations compliance, effective cost management, long term asset worth, and a workforce which creates quality service.

Meet with an award-winning, StrategicERP Facilities Management protected a set of solutions that are proven and comes with an enterprise asset management system combined with expansion software. It's created for buildings of all types, from residential buildings and offices to the general public, commercial, and industrial areas.

  • Gain full control over the management of prospects and strategic deals
  • Generate contracts and annexes directly from the system and observe the payment date, the expiration date of the contract and more
  • Issue rental receipts automatically and allocate total communal costs based on quadrature, reference, etc.
  • Access instantly important data such as site occupancy, collection of receivables, etc.
  • Keep versions of contracts with different parameters and terms and refer to them whenever you need it
  • Import electronic invoices from service providers
  • Records retention in compliance with service-level agreements, labor regulations, and accounting requirements

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