Inventory Management System for Better
Visibility and Control

Manage stock at multiple sites. Evaluate vendors. Compare suppliers. Avoid deadstock. Generate PR and PO. Streamline procure to pay processes on a centralized cloud-based inventory management system.


Streamline P2P Cycle for Optimized Inventory Control

A cloud-based Inventory Management System takes care of the operational, monetary and logistical capabilities of an organization. It is the management of all materials required to generate business.

Procure to Pay means the culmination of all processes involving the management materials, vendors, suppliers, sites, receipts and payments. An automated system will track and analyze all procure to pay processes on web and mobile-based software for instant access from any location.


  • The admin module consists of the creation of a Master setup for companies, users, godowns and vehicles, management of passwords and outline of statutory parameters for companies.
  • The AI-powered Inventory Management System module allows users to create purchase orders, quotations, track receipts, goods received, manage stock and more.
  • Automation of the P2P cycle leads to decision-making business insights including stock aging, supplier comparison, purchase order rates, supplier ledger, inventory turnover and more reports.

P2P cycle for Inventory Management

For operations to run smoothly, you need to manage your P2P cycle. A perfectly stocked warehouse is one that is never under-stocked or overstocked. StrategicERP’s Procure to Pay Software can alert you about depleting inventory, avoiding unnecessary costs. Similarly, over stocking may lead to increased costs because of duplication of orders and cancellations.

Procure to Pay means managing the purchasing and payment processes for ordering the amount of inventory that is required, while maintaining optimal levels to enhance performance while managing costs. StrategicERP’s Inventory Management Software (P2P) incorporates the entire planning, reviewing and execution process onto a single centralized platform.

Streamlining Procure to Pay Processes

  • Increased accuracy and complete tracking
  • Prevention of over stocking and under stocking
  • Identification of fastest selling products or vendors
  • Shortlisting suppliers after comparison
  • Comparison of past purchase orders rates
  • Analysis of PO, PR, GRN, and PB
  • Elimination of price discrepancies through a centralized system
  • Single common P2P Cycle platform for all stakeholders
  • Instant access on a safe and secure cloud platform
  • Reduction of manual mistakes and better utilization of manpower
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs and better marketing strategies
  • Transparent workflow for the warehouse management teams

Inventory Management System is an investment that pays. Not checking or regulating the movements of materials in an organization can drive up costs unexpectedly. It would be wise to invest in a secure cloud-based system that increases your return on investment.

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