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Real Estate Large: An Efficient ERP Solution For Real Estate SMEs

StrategicERP’s Real Estate Large is designed to offer a complete upgrade of processes by leveraging the latest technologies. This solution with a customer-oriented design requires little to no technical know-how on the customer’s end. It is a web and mobile-based end-to-end ERP solution created to meet the needs of Real Estate businesses.

It is built centered on the industry’s needs for Enterprise Resource Planning. It enables organizations to move to a more efficient and agile framework and boost sales by leveraging technology.

This comprehensive solution covers all crucial functions of a Real Estate business and makes it easier to manage a large scale Real Estate business.

It covers all functions ranging from pre-sales to reporting and analysis. Apart from improving efficiency, it also helps improve performance with the pre-sales and sales modules that are designed to help improve lead conversion rates.

Developed by Bombay IITians

Our software is built on a Proprietary Framework. It was developed by Bombay IITians to understand and cater
specifically to the needs of Real Estate CRM

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)

Voice Command Interface

Digital Media Integration

Biometrics (Push Data Technology)

Crucial business functions covered under our modules:

Each module covers a wide array of crucial business functions. Below is an account of a few significant
functions covered under each module:

  • Creates Master setup for companies.
  • Creation and management of users and password
  • Help Desk Support
  • Schedule and Communication management
  • Tally Integration/Migration
  • Defining statutory Setup for the organisation
  • Reminders for tasks
  • Business Performance Monitoring with Business Analytics
  • Single click enabled clearance for pending task
  • Creation, organisation and assignment of tasks for optimised productivity
  • Notifications on task assignments
  • One-click monitoring of tasks
  • Management of task updates and auto-escalation of pending tasks
  • Stock Ledger Management - GRN and GIN
  • Generation of reports for stocks and pending PR and PO
  • Segment-wise store classification based on material, site, company, etc.
  • Recruitment Management with Vacancy & Candidate database management
  • Payroll Management with salary disbursement reports and departmental payroll reports
  • Defining profiles and roles in HR database
  • Tracking parts and cost
  • Assignment and tracking of tools and equipment to contractors and employees
  • Assignment of vehicles to employees and generation of fleet rosters
  • Creation of Master database
  • Process reports
  • Provisions to review and attach legal documents such as sale deeds and contracts
  • User roles and rights management, and User Matrix management
  • Communication Management (Emails, SMS, etc.)
  • Management of all Requisitions, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills, etc.
  • Management of all Service Orders (W.O.), Service Reception against Service Orders and Bills, General Work Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.
  • Generation of reports such as Stock Reports, Purchase Register and Service Register etc.
  • Management of all Sales activities such as customer record creation, unit allocation, collection of receipts, and car parking allocation
  • Management of all post-sale activities such as sales follow up, cancellation of unit, transfer of unit, and refund
  • Generation of reports such as Installment letter, Demand letter, Reminder letter, Member finance info, Project finance info
  • Creation of brokerage payment schedule and receipts against the schedule
  • Creation of booking forms, payment schedules and receipts against the schedule
  • Hassle-free calculation, payments and return filing of taxes
  • Automatic submission of statutory data to Financial and Purchase Management modules
  • Generation of tax-related reports such as VAT, TDS and IT
  • Tendering and registration of contractors
  • Issuance of service requests and generation of running bills
  • Creation of contractors ledger and service register
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Leave Management System (LMS)
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Salary Statement Management
  • Form 16 process
  • Generation of reports such as TDS certificate, tax audit and service taxes reports
  • Generation of reports for IT assessment
  • Audit functionality for auditors with the selection of vouchers for verification
  • Creation of Master database
  • Liaison bar charts and process tracking reports
  • Provisions to review and attach sanctions on properties/land
  • Management of day-to-day financial activity
  • Management of Chart of Accounts (COA), General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Generation of reports such as Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, P&L statements and Balance Sheet
  • Automates tax compliance postings such as TDS, service tax, VAT, etc.
  • Integration with TALLY and Oracle Financials
  • Comprehensive financial reporting based on defined cost centre
  • Helps to define Project & Subproject details such as total sale area, basic rate, floor rise rate & payment schedule
  • Maintenance of records of enquiry received through telecalling and other sources
  • Generation of reports of enquiry follow up, source wise enquiry, performance report etc.
  • IVR integration and Unit Status reports
  • Sales Stock and Sales Target maintenance
  • System Integration with accounting, architecture, sales, and other relevant modules
  • Estimation of project cost and construction as per drawing plans
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports
  • Making purchase data available to respective departments. For example. Purchase Requisition would be made available to Engineering Management and Advance Payment details would be sent to Financial Management
  • Retrieves reports for bill-wise payment
  • Generates comparative analytical reports for purchase requisitions and purchase orders
  • Master Budget with classifications
  • Capable of handling multiple budget code
  • Integration with Financial Management module
  • Lead Management
  • Analytics for improving business performance
  • Making relevant data available to the appropriate departments
  • Tracking of Mortgages, Notes and Loans
  • Tracking of Loan Payments
  • Scheduled repayment and deduction of TDS
  • Integration with General Ledger

Leverage Information for maximum benefit

Information in itself is of no value unless it is properly organized so that it can be used to draw benefit from. Our Real Estate CRM software processes information and organizes it in such a way that it can be used to draw business value from

Personalised Service

A good CRM solution helps you to understand your customer better by analyzing consumer data and information. When you have a better understanding of your customers, you will be able to serve them better with services that are aimed exactly at particular/individual customers.


Information in itself is of no value unless it is properly organized so that it can be used to draw benefit from. Our Real Estate CRM software processes information and organizes it in such a way that it can be used to draw business value from

Maintain pleasant customer relationships

Information in itself is of no value unless it is properly organized so that it can be used to draw benefit from. Our Real Estate CRM software processes information and organizes it in such a way that it can be used to draw business value from

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