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StrategicERP’s tried and tested Ceramic Manufacturing ERP Solution will lend businesses the competitive edge needed to survive unpredictable times.

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The ceramic industry is one of the most prominent and prosperous industries in India. The ability to reach out to target audiences quickly and effectively coupled with quality production is what will propel the industry to rise to international standards.
Our IITian-developed technology automates process workflows from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods.

Get Onboard with the Future of Ceramics Industry

India's smart ceramics business solution software streamlines production, storage, and sale of finished products. To gain a competitive advantage that translates well into the future, your business needs to integrate the following:

Latest technology

Adaptive model

Scalable system

Predictive analytics

Some easy steps

Ceramic Business Software enables manufacturers to:

Plan & Schedule

Interactively generate, modify, update, and visualize production


Optimize according to easily configurable business objectives


Visualize schedules, load, resources, bottlenecks and compare alternatives


React quickly and analyze changes for better decision-making
Process Flow

Integration of StrategicERP Ceramic Software with CRM and Manufacturing Process Flow

Boost your business with agile, adaptable, and secure Ceramic ERP modules. Streamline production, storage and sale to reduce costs and enhance productivity.


  • Capture leads from various sources
  • Integrate with multiple multimedia platforms
  • “Out-of-the-box” in-built feature to convert leads faster
  • Experience seamless negotiation and approval process
  • Track employees' daily activities
  • Define targets and incentives


  • Generate quotations and sales orders
  • Send live-stock details across organization hierarchies
  • Control sales and distribution
  • Plan logistics and order deliveries


  • Prepare order fulfillment based on orders
  • Define planning and scheduling of activities
  • Define production processes- Make to Order, Make to Stock, specific jobs
  • Define job work
  • Run predictive analysis and reports


  • Get end-to-end procure-to-pay process
  • Create requisitions and convert them into purchase orders
  • Generate ledger-wise bills and track payment-related activities
  • Use default invoice and bill generation features
  • Track all stock movement, equipment, tools and transfers


Unlock the Potential of your Ceramic Business

Boost your business with agile, adaptable, and secure Ceramic ERP modules. Streamline production, storage and sale to reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Sales Automation

Create fast sales orders and grow with ease with the right sales tools. Bring out the best in every sales representative and win more deals.

Planning & Scheduling

Define and track deliverables, deadlines, roles and responsibilities to avoid scheduling overlaps.

Production & Manufacturing

Optimize lean manufacturing to focus on key priorities to make smarter decisions, and monitor your entire business.

Procurement & Outsourcing Job Work

The purchase process can be easily triggered by system-generated low stock alerts. Subcontracting management or outsourcing of work can be easily carried out.

Stock Management

Reduce inventory surplus and prevent understocking with end-to-end stock management.

Supply chain management

Live GPS tracking on StrategicERP mobile apps, batch-wise inventory and real-time updates.

Maintenance & Quality Control

A data-driven quality audit ensures accurate and relevant information across production processes.

Asset Management

Track all your equipment, machineries, assets and get details on all financial implications.

Operations & Expenditure Management

Define budgets with respect to the organization department and track all expenditure occurred.

HR & Payroll Automation

Employee engagement takes on new meaning with AI-powered recruitment, onboarding, assessments, and tracking performance

Finance and Statutory Automation

Maintain profitable flow of income and expenses, integrate with other modules, maintaining statutory compliance.

Predictive Analytics

Receive data insights about site visit predictability, delayed deliveries, upcoming payments, and critical item rates.

Order-based Material Requirement

Ceramic software is seamlessly integrated with manufacturing to optimize production processes.

Get Help With The Following FAQs

It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is provided on a cloud platform, which allows users to access it through the web. An ERP solution automates the workflows of all business processes.
  • No additional infrastructure costs
  • Hardware and software support provided by us
  • Quicker deployment than on-premise software
  • 99.99% uptime

A Ceramic ERP solution resolves many challenges faced by the industry. It reduces the wastage of resources and time. With it, you can view your entire business through a single screen.
In addition to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of all ceramic workflows, it increases visibility and communication among stakeholders.
With ceramic data insights, you can provide customer-centric products and services. Ceramics ERP helps you create a secure, compliant, adaptive and scalable business.

Ceramic software is designed to streamline every aspect of a facility and its processes. It is a single-window, centralized way of optimizing management and production of tiles, sanitaryware and other ceramic products.
It integrates with third-party apps and devices to create a boundaryless production system.

Ceramics ERP software keeps track of and optimizes the inventory flow. With it, you can track profits, check stock numbers, onboard and compare vendors, generate demand insights, and avoid over and understocking while maintaining optimal costing rates.

The development and implementation of the Ceramic ERP software depends on the size of the software purchased, number of users required and customizations needed.
It may take up to 2 months to understand requirements, transfer data, and implement end-user training before the software goes live.

Yes, we do customize our ERP software and have done so for our clients, based on their requirements.

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