Why is generic ERP software not fit for the Real Estate Business?

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Blog posted by : Admin / 06 Oct, 2017

Since there has been a tremendous change in the real estate business in the recent years and the owners have been forced to adopt new technology to manage business processes, ERP has become a preferred business solution.

When a full-fledged real estate software solution gets implemented in the company, it achieves optimum benefits. It is the reason, today the real estate business owners are supposed to be in tune with modern technological solutions.

When an entrepreneur is well-versed with the modern technical concepts, he or she can drive the team towards it.

Why is a modern ERP system good for the real estate business?

Today, the majority of real estate businesses use new-age ERP systems to streamline the business processes and reduce operational bottlenecks.

While deciding on the right choice of ERP solutions, there is always a debate about the relevance and applicability of general purpose ERP module.

It is said that the ERP system helps a real estate business in coordinating and consolidating with incompatible systems. It converts it into a well-integrated operating scenario. Streamlining the business processes and automating them up to the maximum possible extent using good software for real estate can bring remarkable growth in revenue and productivity.

Why not a general purpose ERP system instead of real estate ERP?

There is always confusion about choosing a generic ERP (or mainstream ERP per se) instead of real estate ERP software. Which one to choose? Which one can bring better and bigger business benefits?

Big, mainstream ERP systems are developed to help medium and large companies. They are not designed for a real estate business. Hence, they are not fit for it. Though the transactional volume is relatively small here, the business complexity is much higher.

Just to give you a perspective, to post different payment entries in a generic ERP system, you have to pick the respective entity and choose the option to post your payment. Update the record and commit the transaction.

Now, to update another entry, you have to exit from the option, choose the new entity (or the same entity), and post the payment.

It is very tedious and inefficient process.

In a real estate ERP, there is always the flexibility of applying a particular process, say payment posting, across the entities.

Such architectural flexibilities make the ERP software for real estate more applicable for the business.

How to pick the right ERP system?

When you search for the best real estate ERP software in Delhi, you should keep the list of expectations ready. Then only, you can reach the right solution.

Ask experts if there is any doubt about it. With an extensive integration effort, a real estate business can get incredible benefits from automation.

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