It becomes the main priority for project managers to handle and complete the project within scheduled time and estimated resources. But the delay in project completion, poor utilization of resources, poor quality in output etc always become an obstacle for the project managers. Considering the need for project management, StrategicERP has developed cloud-based and web-based PPM project management software that can manage numerous project at one time. PPM software manages multiple projects simultaneously, provides visibility, scalability, and holds the capacity to track and manage the project efficiently.

StrategicERP Project Portfolio Management Software manages the functioning of project budgeting, detailed estimation of the organization, planning, and scheduling.

To keep your project moving right on plan, StrategicERP PPM software organizes all your project's data like due dates, documents, and discussions into one place. The easy to understand dashboard on PPM Project Management Software gives the flexibility to project manager to quickly view and analyse the data related to the project. PPM software enables the project manager to quickly take decisions depending upon the urgency of the situation.


Project Budget

Project Budget in PPM Software can be arrived at against various Budget Heads and Establishment Costs. If one chooses budget as applicable, all expenses get tracked against Budget in Project Portfolio Management Software.

Detailed Estimations

One can model a Project in terms of Work Breakdown Structures and Activities. Activity costs arrive in terms of Materials, Labour and Equipment. Wastages and Overheads can be defined that also contribute to costs.

Planning and Scheduling

PBy defining Relationships between Work Breakdown Structures and Activities, Planning and Scheduling is carried out Alternatively one can leverage integration with Microsoft Projects to kick start Planning & Scheduling very intuitively.

Monitor & Visualize Project Performance

Once the project starts, it is important that the project manager keeps the project under control. This can be achieved by regular reporting of issues, risks, progress and the constant checking of the business case to make sure that the expected benefits will be delivered and are still valid. Project Gantt Chart is the best view where the manager can monitor & visualize the project progress vs planned.

Earned Value Management

Every Management wants to measure project performance. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a systematic project management process used to find variances in projects based on the comparison of worked performed and work planned. EVM is used to control cost and schedule and can be very useful in project forecasting. Through EVM project managers get quantitative data which helps for project decision making.