Case Study: ITAakash Strategic Software Pvt. Ltd

Executive Summery

A considerable volume of research has been carried out on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This research has established that significant benefits can accrue to organisations implementing ERP systems

It also appears that inadequate project management leadsto short-term solutions being applied to the problems that occur during the implementation of ERP systems with substantial side effects when systems go live

Our investigations of a very successful ERP implementation in a Well-known Real estate Group of Mumbai Suburban Complete project management methodology applied to achieved successful “Go live” of Strategicerp ERP System.


  • Major Constraints of organization is Switchover to new Applications.
  • END user are not very keen to adopt new system.
  • Limited Resources to handle Existing system.
  • Resources are not ready to learnnew system during initial Stage.
  • Demands of more Comforts in Operation of New Systems will be raised during initial Phase.
  • It is observed that Industry practice is being following various Methodology to accomplish work based on Skills of resources.
  • Top management is depends on Key resources which are in more favour to keep their position intact.


  • After ConsiderableMeeting with Core management& ImplementationCompany, Marketing team is able to prove value of ERP system to Organizations
  • As the Management Dashboardwas Significant USP which gives Boost to implement ERP at Client place.
  • Implementation Company has Strategy for Providing Well Qualified resources to make Successful Implementation & “Go Live”.
  • Ultimate focus will on Finance Management which is Back bone for Company.
  • Complete Finance data migration features given by Implementation Company


  • Adequate Planning for Implementation Process & Resource Management has been proven successful ERP implementation at organization who have totalVolume of business is more than 500 Cr.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning is Complete Business Solutions which required skill & knowledge to handle operation within the organization.
  • Successful implementation will be based on proper Project management planning & Defined execution process by Skilled & knowledgeable resources.