ERP for Construction and Infrastructure Industry Drives Growth through Actionable Data Insights

RMK Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed construction companies in Maharashtra. It was established in the year 2011 in Pune. The highly successful and technologically-forward engineering and construction company develops landmark projects in the industrial, commercial, residential & infrastructural space. It was founded as part of the RMK group of companies that has accomplished 33 successful projects in the last 24 years.

Problem Statement

The client was looking for complete digitization through customized ERP for construction and infrastructure industry that could be accessed from anywhere.

RMK Infrastructure focuses on providing good value and satisfaction to their clients. Monitoring business performance in real-time was as important as creating a dynamic repository for all business data to communicate within the system and produce valuable information with minimal human intervention.

StrategicERP’s infrastructure management software modules would empower RMK Infrastructure to execute projects based on contractual specifications and drawings and in compliance with legal requirements.


RMK Infrastructure values the transformational power of technology. They were looking for a complete digital solution that could digitize their entire business workflow by 100%.

Before investing in StrategicERP, the client had been running their business operations using locally-sourced software to fulfil their technological needs. When RMK Infrastructure shifted their prime focus to tackling complex challenges, they began looking for a flexible business process management system.

Finding StrategicERP

Development of a customized web and mobile-based construction and infrastructure modules began with active participation from the client. Reliability and performance are important attributes for RMK Infrastructure which are achieved through responsible leadership, quality awareness, training and communication with all stakeholders.

The infrastructure management software project engineering module generates progress and cost estimation reports by extracting accounts, architecture, sales and other relevant data from the ERP system. It provides actionable information, monitors performance and greatly enhances process excellence. Integration with third party applications facilitated easy import and export of MIS reports.


Employees can record plant and machinery activities, communicate effectively with vendors, manage purchase and inventory and attach sanctions to properties or sales deeds and contracts.


StrategicERP infrastructure management software is a flexible solution that enables employees and managers to receive updates and notifications on-the-go with its mobile application. The filter option can be used to analyze specific information on graphical charts to make decisions. Off-site teams navigate and respond to queries easily through voice commands.

The Road Ahead

The range of MIS reports easily generated and exported was particularly useful for RMK Infrastructure to extract insightful information. The end-to-end support coupled with insightful client feedback and cooperation led to the implementation of customized ERP for construction and infrastructure industry.

After successful implementation of the infrastructure management system, comes the road to navigate it to do more with its capability. Here, developers and subject matter experts lend support to the client and its workforce to form a thriving community of ERP users.