Nicon Infra Automates its Post-Sales Processes with StrategicERP’s Real Estate CRM Software

Nicon Group has been committed to providing luxurious living spaces at affordable prices since 1990. Based at Vasai in Maharashtra, it has since completed and delivered over 15 residential & Industrial projects.

Problem Statement

Managing and processing customer data manually was a cumbersome process that required dedicated man-hours. 


Unifying the real estate customer data and automating its processing with the implementation of a web and mobile-based CRM automation system would save employees’ time and increase efficiency.


The real estate firm was finding it increasingly challenging to manage the data flow after a sale was made. StrategicERP’s Customer Relationship Management Software could easily streamline manually tedious tasks, which would bring quicker and better outcomes. 


To replace redundant systems and help employees sell easily, Nicon Infra decided to opt for an automated post-sales management system integrated with a mobile ERP application that would provide higher visibility into business processes.

Finding StrategicERP

Nicon Infra chose to implement a customized version of StrategicERP’s full-fledged CRM system. The switch from manual systems to an integrated ERP system was managed easily through training and implementation. 


  • Data of various customers needed to be captured by the ERP system and analyzed through AI functionality to produce actionable insights for the sales, marketing, accounts and finance teams. 

  • The integration of Click-to-Call, SMS, chat and email in addition to setting up reminders for follow-ups allowed for easy communication with customers. 

  • The sales person could include notes while documenting an interaction, for the forthcoming salespersons to read in order to maintain uniformity and consistency in conversations.

  • Customization of booking documents, demand letters, receipts and agreements was done in accordance with Nicon’s policies and regulatory compliances.

  • Most important was the accurate generation of demand letters and reminders


The dynamic CRM Software dashboards provide insights into the business in a visually appealing manner, especially the mobile CRM app, which is very useful for the C-suite management to gain visibility at a glance on a single screen.

The Road Ahead

Nicon Infra has been successfully streamlining its post-sales CRM workflows with StrategicERP software for 1.5 years. Looking forward to a rewarding and long-term ERP partnership.