Paradise Group Upgrades its Real Estate CRM Software to the Latest Cloud-based StrategicERP 22.1

One of the most reputed brands in real estate, the Paradise Group has been carving a niche in Navi Mumbai for more than 30 years. The company is forging its niche into more prime locations in Mumbai, with over 5 million sq. ft. construction completed for 100+ projects.

Problem Statement

Paradise Group had been using StrategicERP’s in-house real estate CRM software since 2016 but wished to upgrade to the latest cloud-based StrategicERP 22.1, to streamline their luxurious real estate business.


Their dedication to the implementation of the latest technologies shined through with their decision of upgrading their current on-premise StrategicERP system. With a shift to cloud computing, came concerns of security, which were satisfactorily addressed by the StrategicERP team by explaining their cybersecurity and back-up plans. 


With the current version 22.1, which is a completely secure web-based system, all the computing and processing would be done on the cloud, without investing in additional infrastructure. The implementation of the new version would bring better speed, more features and higher productivity.

Finding StrategicERP

The user-friendly CRM software for real estate enables higher adoption rate, leading to more insights on customer behaviors and trends. With it, real estate companies can:

  • Record project and subproject information

  • Gather inquiries from various sources 

  • Maintain customer conversations and follow-ups

  • Generate compliant documents

  • Manage customer grievances 

  • Track performance with system-generated reports


A cloud CRM system was the perfect solution for Paradise Group to manage the flow of data and nurture customer relationships for the sale of luxurious projects.

The Road Ahead

From user creation to training and implementation, the real estate CRM software was up and running in 20 days!