StrategicERP develops Real Estate Software MIS Reports for Pramukh Group to Streamline Cash Flow and Generate Surplus

Pramukh Group is a family-owned real estate organization, constructing Gujarat’s finest residences and commercial spaces since 1993. The developer has successfully completed 41 projects in Silvassa, Surat, and Vapi.

Problem Statement

Initially, using traditional systems to run a real estate business and later on investing in a software which did not live up to the standard, Pramukh Group had to rethink its ERP software strategy. 


The client decided to invest in a more advanced and industry-specific solution that could automate their real estate business workflows accurately. 


The Real Estate Software could also help the company generate enough cash surplus by analyzing outstanding amounts.


For two years, Pramukh Group relied on a software solution that could not fulfill their needs. Now, with a vision to create a future-ready business, the real estate developer is ready to implement a cloud-based Real Estate Software:

An ERP system with seamless and powerful integration with third-party applications and devices such as property portals, social media, communication, advertising and productivity tools.

Finding StrategicERP

StrategicERP came highly recommended, based on which Pramukh Group took a couple of meetings with StrategicERP to understand how it could address its cash flow pain points. 

Pramukh Group aims to generate enough cash surplus for the company without having to fall short. This can be easily achieved by scrolling through various dashboards for insightful data generated by the Real Estate Software to determine cash outflow, inflow and fill the gap. 


1. Report: Bill Ageing report 

Insight: Assess the amount* of pending vendor payments and understand the bifurcation of payments for the next month. 



Further analysis of the bar chart will provide information on payments* to be made to specific vendors in the following weeks.



After determining cash outflow for pending payments, the client can view cash inflow payments* that are due for the next month through the bar chart below.



Upon comparing the amounts* of cash inflow and outflow currently, the project manager can recognize a deficit, if any. 

To fill this deficit, the the project manager can view older payments* that are still unpaid.


2. Report: Sub-Project wise Ageing report 

Insight: Understand individual customer amounts* for cash inflows that are pending for more than 30 days. 




  • Calculate the total amount*

  • Recognize overdue pending payments*, which if recovered will not only cover the outflow but also generate cash surplus. 


3. Report: Individual Customer History report 

Insight: Understand the underlying issue* behind the delays in making payments to Pramukh Group.



Action: Identify the issue and coordinate with the customer’s banker to solve a technical requirement that will help release the customer’s funds, thereby recovering outstanding amounts for Pramukh Group and generating enough surplus.

The Road Ahead

The association with Pramukh Group has been going strong since 2016 and we strive to achieve a long-term ERP partnership. Real Estate Software is a scalable and adaptive solution that is designed for the long haul. 


*Please note: The numbers are for representation purposes only.