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Kamdhenu Realities is a prominent developer in Navi Mumbai, known for constructing progressive spaces in the residential as well as commercial sectors. The infrastructure, residential and hospitality developer has been delivering landmark projects on time since the year 1955. One of the oldest and trusted developers in Navi Mumbai, Kamdhenu Realities procures high-quality raw materials and labor to ensure state-of-the-art construction. The company is also keen on making its mark in the hospitality sector while rising up to new challenges in the commercial and residential fields.

Problem Statement

Kamdhenu Realities was working with computer-based Real Estate software with a manual customer relationship management process that had become disparate, which caused inefficiencies while failing to create quick and effective targeted interactions.


A centralized cloud-based CRM software would enable migration of data and digitization of workflows to strengthen and enrich customer interactions



Innovation and customer delight have always been the focus for Kamdhenu Realities, combined with transparency in internal as well as external processes. Occasionally, it became tricky to manage their client base of 2500. 


Manually writing receipts, generating demands, sending reminders, working with a manual database of all clients, managing site visits, following up with calling and many more customer relationship management (CRM) activities needed to be optimized and streamlined.

Finding StrategicERP

Highly recommended by a friend, Kamdhenu Realities signed up for a free demonstration by StrategicERP product experts. The clients were shown how they could deliver value to their customers while eliminating the process obstacles they were facing in their daily tasks. 


The Kamdhenu Realities management decided to purchase StrategicERP’s customizable centralized CRM software.


The artificial intelligence enabled automation of CRM processes would equip Kamdhenu Realities to develop innovative construction solutions while ensuring client satisfaction. 


The transition was completed in a phased manner with successive training, implementation and go-live sessions for various groups of modules. Despite taking place during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all data migration and implementation was completed successfully.




For the client, making the transition from manual processes to an ERP automation system has streamlined workflows in the back office, pre- and post-sales processes leading to a more connected and organized workforce.


StrategicERP’s Real Estate CRM not only streamlines the management of client data but generates AI-based forecasts and MIS reports. The consolidation of accurate data through various CRM modules generates customer insights, which are instrumental in the evaluation and creation of personalized strategies. 

The Road Ahead

Increased visibility provided by the CRM software allows the staff to accomplish more in less time while a secure automation system reduces risks and errors.

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