Vishwa Green Successfully Managed its Real Estate Business Workflows with StrategicERP’s CRM Software

Vishwa Green Realtors has consistently delivered state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties to more than 2000 happy customers in Navi Mumbai. Vishwa Green is not only building environmentally sustainable and modern residential & commercial spaces but also the tallest commercial tower in Navi Mumbai.

Problem Statement

A dynamic real estate business environment should be equipped with a cloud-based CRM system to overcome limitations and inadequacies that come with managing customer data on spreadsheets.


Manually managing the customer pipeline leads to delays and increased risks while limiting the potential for achieving more sales.


The client’s seamless switch from a traditionally designed system to StrategicERP’s automated multi-module CRM system, was made through training and support. 

Finding StrategicERP

Our one-window CRM software was the perfect fit for their residential & commercial real estate operations and did not require any customizations.


Identifying opportunistic windows for personalized selling leads to higher chances of closing deals.


From pitching to selling, StrategicERP’s CRM software for commercial as well as residential properties, is built to elevate the customer’s experience. With it, an organization can:


  • Effectively control all administrative functions
  • Store sub-project specifications
  • Automate and personalize follow-ups
  • Easily book, transfer or cancel unit registrations
  • Generate compliant sales documents
  • Address and resolve customer grievances
  • Track performance and generate sales forecasts


For a complete CRM automation experience, Vishwa Green also integrated a Mobile ERP app to extend the Real Estate CRM solution’s flexibility and broaden its scope.


The Road Ahead

After achieving CRM success, Vishwa Green has purchased StrategicERP’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software to streamline their engineering, contracting, purchase and site management processes. The training and implementation phase is set to commence soon.