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Ashvin Gami

2021-08-16 16:25:11

Chanakya: The AI technology that every business should have!

In the 21st-century's hypercompetitive business world, possessing the best technology is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is not only a requirement for achieving excellence, but also for staying relevant in the industry. StrategicERP has always been committed to making sure that our clients always stay ahead of the game, and as such, we have always been providing our clients with innovative and advanced features that are ahead of the curve.


What is Chanakya?

Chanakya's StrategicERP's proprietary AI and ML powered feature that allows you to go beyond the norm and gain a competitive edge. Chanakya's intuitive and intelligent business capabilities empower businesses to leverage information for maximum business value and gain the most benefit from it.


Why should you be using Chanakya?


Intelligent Lead Qualification & Predictive Analytics

While automated lead qualification might be a common thing in today's technologically advanced world, that is not enough to thrive in today's industry. It is necessary to go beyond the norm and leverage the technology that is ahead of the curve. Chanakya helps you to do this by employing ML technology and qualify leads with an intuitive approach by learning from existing data and information. Studying and analyzing existing information helps Chanakya to qualify leads far better than any ordinary CRM system and enables it to even predict a particular lead's chances of successful conversion and also the quantity of sale.


Minimize Manual Intervention

In the race to the top, it is necessary to utilize even the smallest of advantages. While minimizing manual intervention might not seem like the most important thing in the list of priorities, the difference it makes can be tremendous. The time and effort that is saved by eliminating manual intervention can have considerable impact on the output. Chanakya does this by providing intuitive data analytics and dashboards based on usage history which eliminates any time that is wasted on preparing different charts and dashboards.


Collection prediction and Site Visit prediction

With the machine learning enabled Chanakya, it is not possible to predict how much collection can be expected in a specified time and make plans accordingly. Thanks to advanced technology that studies data and makes educated predictions, it is now possible to predict how much collection will be made, and also how many site visits can be expected. This makes planning future activities extremely easy and efficient.


Intuitive Scheduling

AI & ML powered Chanakya helps in intuitive estimation of schedule compliance and also predicting delays based on current schedule progress. It also predicts the extent and magnitude of delays and provides new estimated dates based on the expected delays. Organizations can also predict delays in supply and plan their future activities and operations accordingly. This provides superior agility and makes businesses more proficient in terms of dealing with schedule compliance issues.


Intuitive and Intelligent Finance Management

Payment schedules can now be designed based on highly intuitive and ML empowered analytics. This enables businesses to be proficient in their payment management and also allows them to be agile with their finances. Additionally, Chanakya studies payment histories, state and national regulations, and other relevant rules and information and determines which payments should be prioritized. It also analyses tax liabilities, due dates, and all other relevant factors and makes informed and calculated decisions. This allows Chanakya to clearly outline the order of importance and priority for all payments to be carried out in case of limited finances.


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Our innovators are constantly and tirelessly working to add wonderful new features unceasingly. Our team continuously gathers information about prevailing needs in the industry and designs and develops features and functionalities. Keep your eyes open for new features that cater specifically to the needs in the industry.


We hope more and more users will enjoy the benefits of Chanakya and become part of the Digital Transformation Revolution.