Nathani Group Invests in StrategicERP Real Estate Software to Streamline its Large Realty Business

Nathani Group of Companies, established in 1998, is a prestigious conglomerate that has diversified into a broad spectrum of businesses including Nathani Supariwala Realty group’s Nathani Parekh Construction Pvt. Ltd. The versatile company was established in the year 2006 and has been creating world-class skyscrapers, including one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in Mumbai of 72 floors.

Problem Statement

Nathani Group’s realty company aims to evolve their standard of excellence by collaborating with international consultants and delivering projects on time for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Migrating to a cloud-based Real Estate ERP Software would streamline its projects, operations, finance, inventory, accounting, compliance and other real estate management processes. 


Switching from an accounting software to a full-fledged ERP system for Real Estate does not come without challenges. StrategicERP ensured a smooth transition for the Nathani team through consultation, training and support.

Finding StrategicERP

To gain strategic oversight over a large real estate organization, a cloud ERP solution is needed to streamline its end-to-end functions including finance, compliance, pre-sales, sales, project engineering, site, contractors, purchase, inventory and HR & payroll.


To create a single source of truth by merging data from various sources, the Real Estate software for Nathani Group was customized with the following add-ons:

  • Tally Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Email and SMS
  • IVR integration (Inbound)
  • Click to Call (Outbound)
  • MSP integration


The following benefits can be realized immediately after Real Estate ERP implementation:

  • Reduces real estate decision-making time significantly
  • Eliminates manual errors and time-consuming tasks
  • Optimizes real estate operations and increases productivity
  • Facilitates effective collaboration among employees and stakeholders
  • Consolidates data on a centralized platform through multiple integrations
  • Instant generation of reports for business insights
  • The software can be upgraded anytime with new updates
  • Can scale up at a desired pace and add users anytime


Transforming a real estate business with the adoption of a business automation system helps create agile teams, increase seamless collaborations and brings in more revenue.

The Road Ahead

Nathani’s first ERP implementation was supported by StrategicERP from live demonstrations of the Real Estate Software to post-sales customer service. Nathani Group has been delivering opulent living spaces on time and with ease after digitally transforming its business in the year 2017.