NRP Projects sign on StrategicERP as their ERP solution partner.

NRP Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ISO Certified engineering construction company. They offer integrated design, detailed engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for the Oil & Gas industry.

Problem Statement

NRP Projects started their search for a competent ERP solution a few years ago. This quest for an ERP solution was motivated by the need for better Information Management. NRP Projects realised that they lacked the ability to procure the right information and make it readily available at the right time.


This is an extremely crucial factor to any business, and even more so to a Real Estate business functioning at their scale. As an organisation that was growing and scaling up their operations at the time, they knew that this was a priority and an urgent matter to be taken care of.


This landed them in the hands of an ERP solutions provider whom they believed was up to the task. However, they soon realised that not all ERP solutions are born equal. The first light of the knowledge of the shortcomings of this solution dawned on them when they learned that the ERP solution could not synchronise with their existing system and pull data.


This disappointment developed into further frustration when they discovered that this ERP solution was not fully automated and required quite a bit of manual intervention. This led to NRP losing confidence in the solution and eventually to the termination of the engagement.

Finding StrategicERP

After the upsetting episode of their first search, they set out to find a better ERP solution, one that was competent, accomplished and had domain expertise. This led NRP to StrategicERP, whom they found to be not only domain experts, but very proficient. NRP was impressed with StrategicERP’s consumer base of 700+ clients with wonderful results. They were further delighted by StrategicERP’s well-endowed arsenal of cutting-edge technological capabilities.


NRP learned that capitalizing on the latest technologies was not an option but a necessity in today’s industry. The administrative benefits that would come with a centralized system with a one-window solution is a particular source of delight. In addition, StrategicERP’s superior cloud-based solution at a far more competitive price serves to be a mammoth-sized cherry on this cake.

The Road Ahead

NRP has not only found our solution to be fundamentally sound, competent and technologically well-endowed, but they are especially pleased with our approach to change management. The attention and care exhibited by our team have bestowed them with the utmost confidence about this engagement. We look forward to this engagement with the best expectations and are sure that NRP will be delighted with the fruit it bears.