StrategicERP's AI- powered CRM Software Converts Leads to Revenue for Anant Builders

Anant Builders is a 10-year-young and one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Navi Mumbai. It has been expanding its reach in and around Panvel by delivering more than 800 homes and shops while adding 1500 in the pipeline.

Problem Statement

Before discovering StrategicERP, the Anant Builders workforce relied on spreadsheets to store customer data. While manual entries posed no initial problems, gradually it became difficult to quickly and easily retrieve information or any kind of customer insights.


Storing real-time data on a centralized system that is powered by Artificial Intelligence analytics, would empower Anant Builders to increase productivity and efficiency in their CRM workflows.


As the real estate company aspired to become a major player in developing residential and commercial projects, including townships, its need for intuitive all-in-one CRM software grew.


While working with fragmented data on spreadsheets posed data entry and retrieval problems, it also could not help with generating customized reports and letters to be sent to clients and stakeholders.


To continue carving a niche in the Navi Mumbai real estate market, Anant Builders invested in StrategicERP’s cloud CRM software to optimize its pre- and post-sales processes.

Finding StrategicERP

As a growing realty business, they needed an easy-to-adapt scalable solution to streamline their Customer Relationship Management workflows, specific to their business.


After a product demonstration and consultation session to understand the client’s processes, needs and expectations, StrategicERP developed a cloud-based CRM solution for Anant Builders that would not only generate more leads but convert them into happy customers.


  • Acquire leads through property portals integration and assign to various team members

  • Record notes about customer communication and set up follow-up reminders

  • Nurture relationships with IVR integration

  • Generate customized letters and customer insight reports

  • Acknowledge and resolve customer queries and complaints

  • Transfer, cancel and view status of units

  • Enhance customer engagement with personalized communication

  • Take instant data-driven decisions by viewing the RE CRM dashboard


The tried & tested award-winning CRM system provides the real estate workforce with the right information at the right time to create effective customer touchpoints. From acquiring and sorting leads, to converting them into customers and nurturing the relationship across their journey, CRM automation brings results with minimum human intervention.


The Road Ahead

The easy user-interface and automation of real estate CRM workflows has facilitated faster conversions and easy nurturing leading to better ERP software adoption. The AI-driven CRM platform has been fostering new and old customer relationships for 5 years for Anant Builders. The scalable and adaptive CRM software will continue to adapt to the evolving market.

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