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Real Estate Basic : An Efficient ERP Solution For Real Estate SMEs

Real Estate Basic is a software designed by ITAAKASH specifically for Real Estate industry SMEs. This is a web and mobile-based end-to-end ERP solution created to meet the needs of Real Estate SMEs It is built centered on the industry’s needs for Enterprise Resource Planning. It enables organizations to move to a more efficient and agile framework and boost sales by leveraging technology.

While Real Estate Basic is developed for SMEs, it is a comprehensive solution that covers complete business governance. It covers all functions ranging from presales to reporting and analysis. Businesses stand to benefit a great deal from the presales and sales modules that will enhance processes and deliver better efficiency.

The holistic CRM system in our solution with auto lead capturing, lead management with a user-friendly dashboard, digital media integration, and more will facilitate better customer relations. With the marketing automation capabilities of ‘CRM for Real Estate’ - a sub-product of this solution, you are sure to achieve better lead conversion. We also have a CRM solution designed specifically for B2B needs called ‘B2B CRM’.

This Real Estate ERP software is purposed to streamline Real Estate Project processes. It tackles hurdles in project planning, budgeting, and execution. Better cost management and execution capabilities from our solution will ensure better efficiency.

Real Estate Basic facilitates better productivity and profitability with comprehensive and technologically forward ERP solutions.

Developed by Bombay IITians

Our software is built on a Proprietary Framework. It was developed by Bombay IITians to understand and cater
specifically to the needs of Real Estate CRM needs.

Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)
Voice Command Interface

Digital Media Integration

Biometrics (Push Data Technology)

Imperative business functions covered under our modules

Each module covers a wide array of crucial business functions.
Below is an account of a few significant functions covered under each module

ERP Admin

Supervision and direction of all administrative functions of the organization

  • Creation of Master Setup for the organization
  • Creation and management of users and password
  • Defining statutory Setup for the organization


All activities building up to and preparing for the pitch and sale of the product.

  • Helps define Project and Subproject details such as total sale area, basic rate, floor rise rate & payment schedule
  • Maintenance of records of enquiry received through telecalling and other sources
  • Generation of reports of enquiry follow-up, source-wise enquiry, performance report etc.
status update
business deal


All functions that directly or indirectly support sales.

  • Management of all Sales activities such as customer record creation, unit allocation, collection of receipts, and car parking allocation
  • Management of all post-sale activities such as sales follow-up, cancellation of units, transfer of units, and refund
  • Generation of reports such as Installment letters Member finance info & Project finance info


Ensuring the discharge of necessary tasks after a sale is done as well as a pleasant experience for the customer after the point of sale.

  • Getting the details of the Sales Order.
  • Generating Delivery challan of the goods as per the sales order
  • Generating invoices for the goods sold to the customer
  • Tracking the payments received and the payment that is due to be received.

Account Payable

Generation of all necessary reports.

  • Manages all office and petty cash expenses regularly.
  • It creates general work orders and purchase orders for localized purchases.
  • Manages all Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills etc.
  • Management of all Service Orders (W.O.), Service Reception against Service Orders and Bills etc. can be don
  • Generates reports such as Stock Reports, Purchase Registers Service Registers etc.


Management of Finance operations and functions.

  • Management of day-to-day financial activity
  • Management of Chart of Accounts (COA), General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Generation of reports such as Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, P&L statements and Balance Sheet


Generation of all necessary reports.

  • Creation, organization and assignment of tasks for optimized productivity
  • Notifications on task assignments
  • One-click monitoring of tasks

Mobile App

Always stay connected to your business, whenever and wherever.

  • RPop-up reminders for efficient task management
  • Business Performance Monitoring with Business Analytics
  • Single click enabled clearance for pending task
mobile marketing

To-Do Task Management

Efficient operations with capable task management functionalities.

  • Creation, organization and assignment of tasks for optimized productivity
  • Notifications on task assignments
  • One-click monitoring of tasks


Sharing of import templates for data mapping to enable smooth transfer of data Installation & configuration of the software Creation of User Permission Matrix in the system Data Migration Project "Go Live" documentation (with the system in the end user's possession) System approval & project closure User training for all modules

Marketing and Sales Automation

Automating Marketing and Sales functions not only saves valuable time and effort, but also increases effectiveness and efficiency. Automating Marketing and Sales functions also improves targeted marketing with better use of customer information, improves following up, decreases human error, and offers better productivity as a result.

Customer Satisfaction

A good ERP solution gives better insight into customer behaviour and helps understand how to better serve them. It also enables better customer service with a robust system for handling customer challenges, ensuring that customers have a pleasant experience.

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance is one of the most crucial aspects of a Real Estate business. Our solution is designed to take care of these needs with ease. Our solution has functionalities for handling GST, RERA and other such statutory compliance built into the system, making things easier for you.

Personalised Service

A good ERP solution helps you understand your customer better by analyzing consumer data and information. When you have a better understanding of your customers, you will be able to serve them better with services that are aimed exactly at particular/individual customers.

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