How to convert HTML Tag to Plain text In Jasper Report

Mohit Gupta

2022-03-17 16:10:39


While we Print Report in Any Module and if it is Printing with HTML tag for e.g.

For Converting the Tag to Plain Text 

Step 1.

Go to Jasper Report and open that file in which changes is needed.


Step 2.

Click on that text field in which you need to change the type. See below attachment 

Step 3.

After clicking the Text Field we get the properties of that field on the right side of the Jasper Report application

Below are the attachments 

Step 4.

In above attachment on the right side you will get the properties and select the text field and select the markup as html it will convert that field to plain text and save the file.

Step 5. 

Upload the File and Print