Fetch automatically Website / Online Portals lead through Mail Integration feature

Bhavik Chauhan

2023-03-20 22:11:15

Now you can auto fetch Website / Online Portals leads in CRM through using All Digital Media Integration feature of StrategicERP.

Things to do configure before getting started it.

  • Need to configure your email id in Website / Online Portal's sites which you want to configure with ERP
  • Once the leads are coming in your email id then you can start the process of integration.
  • Individual leads are only fetch auto fetch through this process.

The following details are needed for integration:

  1. Email ID of which you want to integrate it with ERP and available for.
  2. Password of the same Email ID (Note: If using Google Account then need to configure App Passcode and add that password instead of Login Password)
  3. IMAP server address/IP (If using Google Account then IMAP access should be Enabled)

Process to be follow

  • Go to Presale module and select Enquiry Sources form and select records from below entry or enter new record

Pre Sales > Enquiry Source

  • Select Enable Inbound Mail

Enable Inbound Mail


  • Once Enabled Inbound Mail feature then click on     button to add records


**For Main form Mapping

Field Name   Values Example/Default Value
Enquiry Source Type : If doing integration with Email  
From Email* : From which Email address you receiving the leads no-reply@magicbricks.com
Subject (Optional) : Mail subject to fetch   
To Form* : Integrate it with Telecalling form only ID: 873
Status ID* : On which status you want to fetch lead, for Draft use 852 ID: 852
IMAP Server* : Mention Server/IP address of Email Id imap.gmail.com  (for Gmail account)
IMAP Login* : Mention Email ID where you receiving mails test@gmail.com
IMAP Password* : Enter Password of Email which you are using Use App Code for Gmail
Valid till date : Add expiry date to stop receive auto fetch leads  


**For DLIST mapping

  1. For Source, Source Name, Source Description use details as mentioned above screenshot and line number should be 0
  2. For other parameters setup you can use Email template
  3. Which parameter you want to make as compulsory then add Reg Exp as true
  • Once all details are configured then it will auto fetch the Lead Mail in telecalling form and at the first time you will receive lead with Source, Source Name, Source Description, Date, Next Followup Date etc. fields.
  • Party Name, Mobile No., Email, Project Name not fetch on first time so follow the below steps to configure the parameters with lead.


  •  Go to Telecalling form and Search lead which Source or Source Name where Party Name or Mobile No not available

  • Click on activityStream to open 
  • Click on Open Template Link


  • Once you clicked on Open Template then you will see screen below