Download Backup using Download Manager

Mukesh Kulal

2022-12-05 17:31:30

We can take backup using the following tool, when the file size is large. 

Large files usually when downloaded through the browser tend to break as the browser download is single threaded. Download managers help because they are multi-threaded.


Click on “Backup”


After clicking on “Generate Backup” the file will begin generating.


After a while you will see the count of files that have been generated.



For Mac users:


And download Fox


Right click and click on “Copy Link Address” to copy the link


Paste the link in the box



File is downloaded successfully.


For Windows

You will need Free download manager for the same



 Generate backup


Backup is generating


Right click on the link and click on “Copy link address”


Paste the link in the URL box


Click on “OK” and the download will start


Download in process


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