Pranav Constructions Pvt. Ltd.'s Migration from Manual Systems to StrategicERP's Real Estate ERP Software Yielded Novel Business Insights

Pranav Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the domain of residential redevelopment. Their decade-long journey has seen the construction of affordable opulent homes for more than 1000 families. Complete honesty and transparency are an important attribute of their process. What began as a small company has now expanded into an empire handling multiple real estate and commercial projects at a time. More than 3,00,000 square feet of spaces have been developed by PCPL that offer high living at competitive prices.

Problem Statement

Access to updated and accurate information would help with transparency of processes and also increase visibility, overcoming inconsistencies that come with a manual system. The ERP for real estate could be scaled easily as the real estate developer's business expands, adding more modules or users.


In a digitally competitive world, small inefficiencies of traditional manual systems soon start adding up leading to the business needs not being met satisfactorily. 

PCPL works towards 100% customer satisfaction and to this effect the company keeps its processes transparent. A centralized, instantly accessible and scalable real estate ERP system would surely help the organization and its employees deliver superior projects.

Finding StrategicERP

The management at PCPL showed an interest in our software after watching a product demonstration led by the sales team. StrategicERP’s real estate software was the perfect fit for PCPL. The Real estate ERP modules covered all their redevelopment process requirements. 


In a real estate or construction business, not only real-time data is very valuable but immediate access makes all the difference. The real estate ERP software is offered on a cloud platform, along with a mobile application. The web and mobile-based solution can be accessed on computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets from anywhere at any time. The increased flexibility is not seen in traditional systems and thus constricts their functionality.


One broad benefit of implementing a centralized automation solution is providing employees with a tool to streamline their day-to-day activities in addition to aligning them with the company’s goals and objectives.


Standardization of operations across all sites and processes can be easily achieved with the sites management module while the project engineering and redevelopment management module will help managers monitor and track progress. The graphical representation of the modules helps predict delays, conduct quick reviews and cost analysis. 


The redevelopment business involves a lot of collaboration-based tasks that need excellent communication and sharing of information. Real estate ERP’s dedicated contractors and customer module increases effective communication, transparency, secure sharing of data, thus eliminating communication gaps and keeping the project lifecycle moving. 


All data on leads coming through multiple channels such as telecalling and online portal are consolidated on the system. The sales management module provides the user with status updates of the leads along with installment letters, receipts, dues and agreements as well.


Manage procurement, cost estimations, budgeting and regulatory compliance easily as our software is RERA equipped and GST compliant. 


System-generated AI-based reports help track the organization’s growth across various segments, which would not have been possible with manual reporting.

The Road Ahead

The project was implemented successfully with comprehensive and exhaustive training imparted for the workforce migrating to ERP for real estate from a manual process workflow. The go-live stages for all modules of the real estate ERP software were accomplished in a staggered manner. 


StrategicERP looks forward to a long and fruitful outcome for PCPL as it continues to redevelop current spaces into stunning yet affordable ones.