I would recommend StrategicERP for everyone who is looking out to have a huge technological support in their business administration and management.

Pallavi Krishna Paspuleti, Chief Executive Director at Tripura Constructions

Business Process Automation through a Highly Customized StrategicERP System

A reputed family-run construction company that began its journey in the year 2007 and is based in Hyderabad, Telangana. Tripura Constructions has completed 12+ residential projects with more than 1 million sq. ft. of built-up area. The company is on its way to double its success by providing homes to more than 1000 families.

The Need

Tripura Constructions had its eye on expansion plans after the second-generation of management took over the company's reins. In addition to planning to strengthen its business workflows, the management realized a lack of transparency and accountability in their business processes.
It needed a real estate ERP software solution that could integrate and streamline an increased number of projects undertaken by the company.

Problem Statement

STripura Constructions needed a seamless flow of accurate information across all sections of employees, where everyone was in the loop.
It had become crucial to accommodate the rising needs of a scaling business in order to avoid cascading roadblocks and missing critical deadlines. To support the ambitious expansion plans of the new management, a dynamic system was needed to take on the business data and produce automated reports, insights and updates.
Tripura Constructions finalized StrategicERP as its business automation partner to implement a customized real estate ERP solution.

The StrategicERP Solution

A scalable, cloud-based ERP system developed by StrategicERP was the perfect solution for Tripura Constructions. The software can be accessed through the web and mobile phones from anywhere.
The multi-module ERP software was developed specifically for the real estate sector and was further customized based on inputs from the client. This enabled the real estate ERP system to integrate seamlessly with Tripura Constructions’ process workflows to produce a desired output.
The task management, sales, site, vendor and budget management modules were instrumental in creating clear lines of communication with accurate data for the workforce across multiple construction projects.
The client valued the reporting capabilities of the ERP software as it helped them make quick and timely decisions, which was augmented by the flexibility provided by the StrategicERP mobile app. It allowed the decision-makers of the company to access real-time information and provide accountability.

The Road Ahead

In a labor and material intensive industry, any expansion plans need a boost that can be easily provided by a technological transformation as witnessed by Tripura Constructions. A scalable ERP system will automate tasks to channel the workforce towards high-priority initiatives to achieve high sales and good ROI.