PMS Process

Uddhav Kelaskar

2022-12-05 16:09:20


    • Project Activities needs to be added in the Project WBS form
    • We can link Project BOQ activities and Schedule tasks in between by assigning many to many relations to Schedule tasks and BOQ activities



    To understand scheduling through manual process, click on the above link.



    To understand importing schedule by using MS Project, click on the above link.



    • This form lets us add tasks that are necessary for the tendering process. Project Name, Sub Project Name, Basis of Measurement (Qty/ Percent), Work Order type Group, and Process Type must all be filled out first.
    • After choosing an activity code from the menu, the D-List will automatically fetch the work order data.
    • Following the retrieval of the necessary information, we must apply Work Order Quantity in the D-List and transmit the Tender Registration.




    • We will be able to develop WO Quantity-wise using this form. Search for the list in E-List and select it. View all the filled-in information from the Work Details TAB and the Tax and Payments TAB after the list has been accessed.
    • Additionally, we may add necessary Terms & Conditions using this form.
    • Apart from this, it enables us to view the Comparative Statement, Amendment, and Advance Contractors Payment TAB
    • Click on Qty field arrow to open Part Rate form in Work Order Form.






    • In this form, we can update the progress on the schedule dates
    • Select Project, Sub Project, and WBS Group Name system will show all activities 
    • Open Progress pop-up and mention the work completion in Percentage or Qty
    • We can mention the Progress Project schedule task-wise, which is imported in the Project schedule using MSP import
    • If there is a delay in Project Progress, then we can mention the same in the Delay tab
    • Once the data has been entered in the Delay tab, it can be checked and Approved in the Project Delay form
    • Once Project Progress is updated it will be seen in the Daily Progress report form where it can be approved by responsible persons
    • In Interactive DPR along with the Progress report, we can also mention Labor and Equipment details

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