Multiple Calendars in Project Bar Chart

Deepesh Dhavan

2022-12-05 19:05:23

We have developed a new feature in Project Engineering Module that would enable you to add multiple calendars to the schedule.

To define the calendar and update the schedule accordingly, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1:

Define the calendar in the dropdown, it will ask you to provide the calendar name.

Note: Once the calendar name is defined, it can neither be edited or deleted.




As we can see, adding a new Item would enable you to create a new calendar library. This will enable you to complete Step 1 and proceed to Step 2.


Step 2:

Once the calendar is defined, it will ask you to save the calendar. However, you can specify Workweeks and Exception days, which is optional.

In case all days are working days, then no need to perform a selection of workweeks.