ERP System Checklist

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2020-07-03 19:13:50

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Category Sub Category # Criteria


Real Time Data Update

1 Real-time data update among modules, interfaces and with the legacy systems in place in the proposed software is supported

Explanation - The criteria refers to the software's ability to support real time data updates. It is imperative that the software supports these updates across modules, interfaces (such as portals, if any) and legacy systems

Legacy system refers to the following:
- Systems incapable of meeting organizational requirements
- Outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software
- Systems with lack of vendor support
2 Application supports single unified data model hosted on a single database
3 Application supports different Time Zones
4 The system supports data extraction online from the archived data
Storage Media 5 Solution data can be kept on storage media with high tolerance of failure
Server Resilience 6 Auto-switching failover to other available server is supported in case of server failure
Load Balancing 7 Solution supports load balancing

Explanation - Load balancing is a computer networking method for distributing workloads across multiple computing resources, such as computers, a computer cluster, network links, central processing units or disk drives.
Scalability 8 Solution is scalable

Explanation - Scalability of solution implies that software can be upgraded to include additional modules at a later date without impacting the performance of the software

Solution Configuration, Extension and Customization


9 It is possible to configure the applications to suit the needs of the implementing organization without having to write code
10 Changes made to applications are retained during upgrade/patches
11 It is possible to configure user screens without coding


12 Solution provides clear guidelines for customization
13 Solution supports front-end modification support
Modification of the front end based on user requirements for the following items:
- Screen design
- User’s desktop (e.g. colour, font size, font style)
- Menu bar
- Varying screens and formats for different users of the same module
- My Favourites
14 GUI supports:
- Hiding fields or tabs
- Changing the position or size of field or labels
- Adding restrictions like mandatory or not
- Setting default value in a field
15 User can:
- Create and save a search
- Hide / show columns
- Reorder columns
- Add data filters
- Change sorting orders
- Tailor text for labels, prompts and tip messages
- Tailor graphs and charts
16 It is possible to add more fields to the data input screens for capturing additional business specific information without having to write any code

System Enhancements and Fixes

17 Service Provider provides notification and patches of system enhancements and fixes after implementation on a proactive basis
18 System supports workflows

Explanation - The system should be able to support workflows for approvals based on organization's requirement and delegation of authority matrix


Database Archiving 19 System provides data archiving capabilities, which can, selectively, archive inactive/obsolete data into separate storage media

Time Synchronization

20 System synchronizes the time (clock) with other 3rd party software
21 What is the utility used to synchronize the time (clock) with other 3rd party software?


22 System has an inbuilt e-mail tool

Explanation - Does the system have the capability to provide functionality like that of a communicator? If no, then can the system provide interfaces / patches to be connected to Email software?
23 Software supports e-mail integration with Microsoft's Outlook / Gmail

Third Party Integration

24 System provides provision for a real time or batch interface where system can be connected to third party or partner systems

Explanation - Does the system have the capability to update other partner systems for data consistency, either in real time or in batches? Which applications are currently envisaged as integrated applications
25 System supports an offline mode. Where the user can access his data fields even when he is not connected to the backend?

Internet and Mobility

26 Solution supports access via the Internet with secured connectivity. What are the functions that are supported
27 Solution has a mobile version. What are the OS and phones supported?
28 System supports portal and web-based interfaces to the application
29 System supports standard transport protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, IMAP and SMTP
Data Upload / Download formats 30 System supports the following:
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Outlook
- Adobe Acrobat
- Gmail
- Any other, please specify
RDBMS Flexibility 31 Software supports data export and import facility to variety of databases and other software solutions
Legacy Systems 32 System supports export and import of data possible from different legacy systems/other systems in different file formats and on specified time intervals


System Audit

33 System provides user activity / security violation for auditing
34 The solution supports audit trails at the data level.
35 All changes to data are recorded in a separate table and should be stamped with the identity of the user/program and the time of the creation/change.
36 Views are available for reporting on data changes.
37 Selective auditing on table columns is supported to reduce disk space requirements.
38 The solution supports auditing of users i.e. checks on access rights provided to users accessing the software at the form level, user level, application module level and at the organizational role level.
39 The system provides reports on user activity based on the screen, role and the application that was used.

User and User Group Authentication

40 System provides user and user group authorization administration tool to assign security levels to functions and data, and allow the access by users / by groups with valid security level only
41 System supports database security

Explanation: Application users should not have direct access to the database?
42 System provides password protection through:
- Password expiry
- Password complexity
- Password history and reuse policy
- Forced password change on first log on
- Capability of self service reset of passwords in case of forgotten passwords or locked accounts
- Capability of system to provide functionality of session out time

Protection from Unauthorized Access

43 System restricts users from unauthorized access by allowing only the authorized users with valid profile/password to access only the allowed transaction, as well as be capable of logging off unauthorized users
44 Solution has the capability to assign activities to roles, and map roles to users
45 Solution has the capability to track changes to fields or settings (for audit trail)
46 Solution provides options or utility to encrypt/decrypt sensitive data

Back up / Restore


47 System provides backup and recovery facility
48 System is self guiding/Intuitive for taking backup of data
49 Solution supports backup of database while in operation. If not, what are the ways to take back up in batches?
50 It is possible to schedule a backup/restore task
Back up / Restore Log 51 Solution has the ability to produce a report for each backup/restore task.
Direct Back up 52 Solution supports direct backup of data from one machine to another / from server to back tapes / CDs / Storage Area Network etc

Explanation - Does the system allow files to be directly taken as back up i.e. without extracting the data on a different format so as to allow the back up to be restored to a different version of the system at a later date?


System Management Tools

53 Software provides database administration and reporting tools
54 Solution has system monitoring, network monitoring, performance monitoring and reporting tools for each of them
Batch job queuing 55 Software provides methods to manage and prioritize batch jobs queued

Job Scheduling

56 Solution supports job scheduling i.e. it supports batch systems
57 System restricts users from deleting data directly unless authorized to do so
Sorting Capability 58 Solution displays data according to users specified sorting order and selection criteria
Document Management 59 Solution has a document management capability that includes:
- Documentation creation process
- Version control process

Workflow capability

60 Solution has workflow with the ability to define business rules, including alerts and triggers, without hard coding
61 Workflow supports delegation
62 Workflow holds transactions in pending status and not commit them until all approvals are obtained
63 Workflow is able to send notifications when manual intervention is required in a process
Migration Tool 64 Solution provides database and application programs migration tool, which allows migrating database or server application programs from one server to another.


Licensing Models

65 System supports multiple licensing models of the software such as Enterprise/Professional, Limited, Developer, End user, Module wise etc.
66 Specify if licensing model is user Based / load based
67 System provider can develop modules for the functional requirements under considerations which are not covered within the standard solution product and provide source code and process / design together with complete documentation of such development
Architecture 68 Solution provides for multi-tiered (minimum 3, a database, an application server (and/or web server) and a browser) architectures

Post Sale Service


69 Service provider provides technical support facility available (24*7 helpdesk, personnel availability) with emphasis on site support available in Thane and Mumbai
70 System has comprehensive help facility wherein the users can obtain system specific technical / functional help on line

Proposed Product Management

71 System support Patch management
72 System supports maintenance of historical data like configuration change history at Application / RDBMS / Operating system level.
73 System supports the functionality of retrieving the already executed reports without executing them again
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous 74 Any other highlights of the product

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