ERP Development Tools

Ashvin Gami

2023-12-13 16:05:18

StrategicERP believes in not only equipping our clients with the most advanced solutions and functionalities but also in empowering them with capabilities that reduce their dependence on solution providers. This feature allows customers to leverage customisation and no-code development via Additional Forms with Additional Fields, Workflow Customisations, Access Management Matrix, and other customisations.

StrategicERP strives to facilitate its clients with every competitive advantage possible. In today's highly competitive business world, it is crucial to leverage technology for maximum benefits in order to succeed. Success is no longer viable with just the essentials/basics. We endow our solutions with the most advanced functions and features for this very reason. This enables our clients to keep in step with the rapidly advancing evolution of technology in the business world.

Operational excellence is necessary for any business to hope to excel and succeed. Even the smallest or the seemingly small things make a huge difference in how businesses can serve their customers better. We assist and enable our clients to excel at the intricacies and advanced elements of business operations.


A huge part of what elevates modern IT solutions in the value they offer is customisation. While most solutions will deliver the essentials and the fundamentals well, it takes something more for a solution to set itself apart. When most solutions on the market offer capable and competent solutions, the real difference is made by the 'something extra'.

Organisations competing on the highest level are most often already leveraging the best technologies. Customisation is an area where such organisations can further enhance their operations and yet it can be easily overlooked. While competing with the bests in the business world, customisation offers organisations the freedom and flexibility to leverage data and information to their liking for maximum value.


Additionally, oftentimes organisations are limited in customising functionalities and features of certain solutions due to lack of technical knowledge. No-code development is the perfect solution to this problem. No-code development enables users without technical knowledge to develop custom utilities and actions without having to rely on developers.

Such functions not only help tremendously in developing tailor-made functionalities but also makes trial and error much easier and far more efficient.

StrategicERP's 'Additional Forms'

Not only does it empower our clients to create their own forms without any dependability on developers, but it also enables them to customise Form State sections, permission matrix, and workflow conditions.

The following PPT provides the screenshots for the same. You may need to request access from any StrategicERP member with email id.

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