Checklist for development

Mihir Thakkar

2022-02-14 12:43:26

A.Form Creation

  1.Form to be added in hibernate if data entry required

  2.Id field to be added in Form

  3.Status field to be added

  4.Form state details(Draft,Approved,Delete)

  5. State names should be unique, it may create issues while making workflow.

  6. Workflow from draft to approved should be present.

  7. Group form permissions to be added.

  8. Group form permissions should have proper conditions for pending tasks.

  9. Sub module name and module and should be proper 

  10. If we are creating a D list form then in the main form we need to add one d list field and map the same.

  11. To check other forms if the effect of the same development is present.

  12. There should be a system message or save check to restrict the wrong entry in form.

  13. We cannot delete master data if that data is used in process forms. 

  14. Unique fields should be present in forms.

 15. Creating a relation form we need to add the relation of main form details in the relation field.

 16.No need to add relation form in hibernate.

 17.If We add hide in the Sub module then that form will hide.

 18. Dlist Form is Always hidden in the sub module name.

 19.If we can change module name we can move the forms.

B.Field Creation

1.In all main cloud to be added

2.Field name should not be duplicated in main form and dlist, it can conflict the same in SQL.

3.SQL or Function are written in field then in default value need to write SQL or Function and if both then SQLFUNCTION

4.For any dff field if relation of form is given, need to save that form too (Ex. Tax Amount DFF in admin bill with Tax code extension relation, then save admin bill and tax code extension form).

5. Field type and data type should be the same.

6. Field sequence should be correct for proper working of function.

7. If any new field is added in dlist, that field should be added in dlist sql as well.

8. We can add field states for hide or unhide fields.

9. There should be a PENDING field in every form for proper working of pending tasks.

10. If we added any Summary in form, field alias should be proper.

11.Some fields need to add field expressions .  ex:mobile no ,pan no,aadhar no.,email id,gst No

12. If any additional rstoword  field has been added then it's relation field default value has to be 0.0

13. If data has to be fetched from one form to other forms then field names should be the same.

14.if we added any field in function it should come before function field.

14. Save check condition to be added, to check duplicate entry and if the entries are made in process form, then it should not allow to delete the entry and buttons should show NA.

15. If any auto entry is added and the field which is taken in condition, then it would give inconsistent voucher error, to avoid the same, the fields should be patched correctly.

16. If Relation form is added, then we need to add a field in main form, which can bifurcate both the forms and the same should be added in savecheck condition.

17.if we add Vlist in Form relation fields are needed to add compulsory.

18.if field type is double default value should be 0.0 its compulsory.

19. Tag fields should be present in forms with Auto in the watermark.

20.If we want to create DFF we need to add DFF in the Default value of that field.

21.If we need to attached file in form we can add that file using upload field.ex.(aadhar card ,pan card)

22. To use main fields, in dlist sql or function, we need to add jsload function in main form field (JS:loadonchangeids(false);)

23.If we want total values of the vlist field the Vtotal field should be present in form.and  that field should be present in relation fields. 

24. Field name in main form and dlist should be different, otherwise it will conflict in SQL

C-Report Creation

1.Create report id in report details.

2.File attached in reports details should be as per report type.

3.Alignments and borders should be proper in the report.

4.In MIS report ALias and selected columns should be proper.

5.if you added a multi installment letter then subreport URL adding is compulsory.

6.sub report kept - always .

7. Jasper Reports for sub reports need to set proper paths.

8. Reports can be shown or hidden statewise from Reports Management & can change report type, output from customization.

9. If the search button is not required in the report, then we need to add a sql field with field type SQL.

10. If crosstab is used in summary report, then ##CROSSTAB should be in alias to avoid Error creating PDF File issue.

11.if we want to export the vlist data then we need to add EXCEL in Default Value.

D-Auto Entry and Balance Relations:

1.In column mapping @ is not required to specify

2.Basic conditions and columns to be selected properly(from state to state,auto entry type)Note:if the state is blank it will generate auto entry on all states.

3.If field names are different, and another form has a link then need to map the same in auto entry.

4.In column mapping, if space is present then autoentry does not fire, need to map properly.

5. If field names are the same in process forms, then it is not necessary to map those fields in auto entry.

E- Patch Creation:


1.a) In patch creation first of all we create patches on Product Cloud16 medium in Patch Generation

1.b) Then apply patch on cloud2 medium

1.c) From cloud2 publish patch on patch store and install in cloud9 infra.

1.d) After patch installation on cloud9 Infra it will be available for all clients to install in the ERP Store. 

2.While creating a patch always take form save also.

3.If has Unknown property error, that means that field is not present on the main cloud of the client. So we need to add a patch on that client's main cloud.

4.If we create a patch of field and that field has a relation form field, then we also take that relation form and that form field while generating the patch.


5.Patch always generates from medium to medium cloud and main cloud to main client cloud.

6.While patch generation of COMBO, MDCOMBO, ADCOMBO field, always takes the field's name by selection of previous years when we create that field's name.

7.If any changes are done after creating a patch that time we need to make another updated patch which will append on the old patch.

8.After any change of form always save that form to make visible changes on the front end.

9.If any new field adds on cloud, then need to restart Cloud.

10. If we need to add some data through a data patch then we can create a data patch from 16 server.

11.In data patch creation we need to select required details and need to select Patch For Table Data=Yes.

12.Main table data patch and DLIST data patch should be separate and it can't be append to each other. It may occur while installing patches.

13. Need to install the main patch first and then install the DLIST patch then it will work.