Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC

Ashvin Gami

2022-09-02 11:13:20

Scope of Work / Service: 

  • Maintenance of Software against browser and OS updates for running of the functionality and process operation as set at the time of Project “Go Live”
  • Technical and functional support for operations and attention for show-stopper in StrategicERP for routine operation
  • ERP Support for routine operation through and ERP Service Tickets (Monday to Saturday- 1000hrs to 1900 hrs)
  • Statutory updates as and when released by authority without development cost. Deployment cost will be as per the manpower need for testing and training
  • Backup of software, maintenance of backup files and deletion of old backups
  • Backup recovery support availability in case of checking and recovery needs
  • Quarterly visit of service engineer for review / audit of StrategicERP Operations, if required by client. Manpower cost to be paid
  • Functional guidelines on operations of StrategicERP for new user @ Project. Training manpower cost applicable

Notes : 

  • Clients are fully responsible for the functioning of network connectivity during the entire operation of StrategicERP.