Amend Work Order Qty Wise Form

Deepesh Dhavan

2022-12-05 18:29:34

In the Contractors Management Module, we have updated Amend WO Qty Wise Form.

We have added two additional fields in the Dlist of Amend WO Qty Wise.

i.e., 1. Labour Rate and 2. Material Rate


  1. Users need to define the revised Labour Rate and Material Rate if the work order type is Labour with Material.
  2. The same is applicable for other work order types i.e., Labour Only and Rate Only.
  3. Depending on the work order type, Revised rates can be applied to get the Revised Amount.


  1. It will help us to identify the Old Labour/Material Rate and the Revised Labour/Material Rate easily.
  2. It will directly update the respective fields in Work Order Qty Wise form using the Balance Relation form.
  3. Tax Code Amount will be affected if Revision is made in Qty/Rates.
  4. Revised Tax Code Amount will be updated in Work Order Qty Wise Form.

Important Notes:

  1. If any amendment is done and approved then for new changes new amendment shall be done.
  2. Users should not delete/reapprove the entry in Amend Work Order Form.
  3. Users can amend the work order until balance qty is available.


Work Order Form:

Amend WO form: