Whatsapp Integration FAQs


2023-10-20 17:26:44

    To Enable Whatsapp Messages from ERP --> Click here for more details

    1) URL to add in General Settings

    For Template Messaging:-



    {apikey} - with Actual API Key provided by Gupshup Account
    {appname} - with Appname created on Gupshup Account
    {whatsappsender} -  with Whatsapp Number provided by Gupshup Account
    {whatsappreceiver} - with Receipent Number
    {whatsappemssage} - with Message to send to user

    2) To Purchase Gupshup Whatsapp Integration Account
    Watch this video for more information- Whatsapp Intgeration with Gupshup.
    2.1) Get template approved in gupshup portal along with attachment is there if any

    3) Send Attachment on Whatsapp Using Status Mail sms
     3.1) Add gupshup approved template ID in "Whatsapp Message" field.
     3.2) If approved template has any attachment , then need to sent that attchment from statusmailsms also. Attachment can be provided from statusmailsms record or put report ID or it can pick attachment from record which will execute.
     3.3) If approved template has any dynamic value to pass , then add that parameter sequentially comma seperated. 
           Ex:- If approved template has content "Welcome {Anand}, we are privileged to have you in our {group} family" wherein Anand and group are dynamic values then statusmailsms to configured as 5cb4f999-beb2-4938-8697-66b1b2a95c6a,${Party Name},${Project Name}.

    To Send Whatsapp Messages, User should provide consent to receive whatsapp messages . Below link gives us ways from which we can take user's consent



    1) All communication will be through official client's Whatsapp business account which needs to be purchased from Gupshup and verified by Whatsapp team. 

    2) WhatsApp is very deliberate about their users not getting spammed and they have ensured there are enough checks and policies in place to avoid spamming.

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