User wise financial locking in Strategic ERP

Aakash Mishra

2024-02-15 16:43:18

Helllo! Today we will see User wise locking in the system.

Earlier, we had financial locking (i.e., restricting of posting of entries) only on the basis of a particular period but we have now developed an option to allow user wise posting into the system.

Go to ERP Admin --> Financial Locking and you will see a field named  "User Name" which contains names of all the users present in ERP.


Note that if no names are present in the field, it means that the particular company is accessible to ALL the users. 

If you want to allow only specific users to make entries in the company, you can name those users in the field as shown below:


Once you have locked the system for a particular set of users and some other user tries to post any entries, system will restrict him/her from doing so as shown below:

As you can see, since we had only allowed aforementioned set of users to make entries in FY 23-24, when another user tries to make entry in that period, system is showing FY unlock alert.

Thank you.