Test Server for Development in ERP

Ashvin Gami

2023-07-12 12:04:50

    At this stage of company and the targets we wish to achieve, product reliability is a must feature. In fact we are doing this to make our customers and hence industry grow faster with defined ERP scope and its working. Product tempering will lead to errors in product.

    Henceforth if any customer needs a feature which is not required in product, then test server is compulsory as customisation will not open on server without cloudcode starting with test. Kindly communicate with all stake holders.

    If feature is required in product then it will be developed on our test server Cloud-16 and will be patched and tested on another test server Cloud-9 and then it will be installed on product server Cloud-9. Afterward, client can install this patch on their server at mutally affordable cost. For this test server may not be required but still we hope customers use test server to make their digital transformation more stable and reliable.

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