Tally Integration:Reducing Multiple Alerts

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2021-11-01 18:19:23

    Step-1. Open Tally Integration Tool folder, in that folder you will find the “configDirectory” folder, if you don’t find it then just run the tool, it will create the folder.

    Step-2. Now open the “configDirectory” folder, in that folder you will see two files with “.properties” extension. From that two files open the “tallytoolvoucher.properties” in NotePad.

    Step-3. When you open the file you can see “DISABLEALERTS=false” it means that you will get alerts after every 300 records. If you want to stop the alerts then make it “true” e.g. “DISABLEALERTS=true”. Then save the file and close it.

    Step-4. After saving and closing the file if the tool is open then close it, otherwise open the tool and continue with your Integration process.

    NOTE *:- 

    • This functionality will not work on the Tally Integration Tool with version “V” or below. You can download the new version of Tally Integration Tool from ERPAdmin Module --> Company Master Form.

    • The New Version of Tally Integration Tool is “V”. You can see the version on the top left corner of the tool as marked in the image below.


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